Monday, September 29, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you've been wedding planning all day and you're so exhausted from it you have to fight back tears and all you want to do is take an hour nap before you get in a car and drive 3 hours to Fayetteville but for some reason, everyone decides this is the best time to call your cell phone therefore preventing you from taking the nap you've been longing for since 3:00. Yeah me too. Bed Bath and Beyond just called me trying to tell me that I didn't register for enough items. I mean, I don't need to walk around with the 'gun' and scan the whole store. I registered for everything I need. I'm not going to walk around and scan a Yankee candle. I can buy that myself. I finally calmed him down by telling him that if need be, I'll come in and scan some towels.
Then my brother called. Some woman started breast feeding in the middle of the mall and he found it so disturbing he needed to make a phone call to tell me about it.
I'm just not in the best mood ever. I had a 3 hour long meeting with my flower lady and I swear nothing wears me out more. I'm almost at the point where I want to tell her to just surprise me. Then, to top it all off, my church lady that I was supposed to have a meeting with canceled on me. So now I'm going to have to make a whole other trip down to Little Rock.
All I wanted was a nap. That's all. Just a 1 hour nap. So now, I'll just stay up and wait on Scott to drive through Little Rock so we can have dinner together. I've had an exhausting day but if anyone wins the award for annoying exhausting day it's Scott. He drove all the way to Tulsa today to meet his dad and get a new car, only to not get it. So now, he's on his way back, going to stop and have din with me, then drive back to Memphis and wake up tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. to get to work at 7. I would not want his life right now. And to top it off he's back on the road again on Friday for the butt crack of dawn Razorback football game that we'll no doubt loose by 100 points on Saturday. Poor Scott. He needs a hug. And so do I.

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