Thursday, October 2, 2008

Masons Launch Party

Hello all! It's been a while. Well just 3 whole days I guess. I really have nothing to blog about. Work was good. I'm super tired because Holly is staying with me again this week, and she insisted I get up during the wee early hours this morning and play ball with her. I can't resist her cute face starring at me with her tail wagging in the morning so I got up and played ball then decided to go for a run.
Last night was good fun. Jake, Braclyn and I went to Masons for their website launch party. Our dear friend, and one of my bridesmaids, Anna, is responsible for the whole site. Anna has worked SO hard on the website and I must say it looks fabulous! She's a model in a lot of the pictures and looks so good. I would be a miserable model as I can't look right in a picture unless I'm showing all of my teeth. I'm just not sexy. After the launch party Jake and I came back to my house to watch my favorite show, Dirty Sexy Money. It was SO good. If you don't watch it you so should.
Alright I just have nothing to talk about. Jake and I are going to drive to Bentonville to Brad and Jaclyns house and Jaxie and Craig will be there too! Jax is my other dear friend who lives far far away in Nashville but she has a killer job so she's excused. She works for a talent agency and gets to see country music artists walking in her office all the time. Why just the other day, Faith Hill popped in and said hi and bye to Jacqueline. So cool. So yeah, she's up here and that makes me happy!
Tomorrow night is Brad and Jaclyns engagement party! We will have tons of fun I'm sure as Brad's mom, Mrs Betty, has gone all the way out for it. Okay time to go. My friends are awaiting!

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