Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A really long one

Oh my it has been forever hasn't it? My bad. Ever since I got a job life doesn't make much room for Perez and blogging anymore. These past few days have been exceptionally busy. So I have A LOT to talk about. First of all, we'll start with Friday night. Friday night was so much fun. Brad and Jaclyn had an engagement party and it was fabulous! It was at the Julians house and I swear there were 65 people there. Lots of fun because I'm one to think the more the merrier! Jake made a special playlist on his ipod for the occasion but as Jake's luck would have it, the ipod froze up so we had to result to my iPhone which only has 100 songs on it as I have not converted the songs from my ipod to it yet. Jake and I had to be on stand by to run to the ipod bucket whenever Jessica Simpson and Dreamgirls came over the speakers. Even though the party had nothing to do with me, I was surprised with a little present that night. Sweet Jacqueline got Scott and I a fancy wine bottle cork with a big J on it. My first J present! Very exciting. I'm using it tonight for the first time! So here's a picture of our little group from the night. Austin and Anna, Scott and Christina, Craig and Jax, Brad and Jaclyn and myself and Jake. Scott and Jake should have switched spots. Too late now.
Okay so the next morning came quite early. After just 5 hours of sleep, I woke up to go to the Razorback game. Precious Landon was here for the occasion!! He went to his third Razorback football game. Landon is a huge Razorback fan! His Arkansas family has brainwashed him well. Kyle is determined that his son be as big of a Razorback fan as he is and I think Landon is well on his way. He knows all of the words to the Arkansas fight song and I'm working on teaching him the moves to the William Tell Overture. Kyle particularly wanted to make sure Landon was at this game because we were playing the Florida Gators. Landon lives in Florida and knows a lot about the Gators as well so this was a particularly fun game for him. We lost (shocker) but it was still great for Landon to be there. Mammaw Kara made a video of Landon at Chick fil A for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm well aware that Darren McFadden doesn't play for the Razorbacks anymore. Just wanted to clear that up in case any of you think I'm ignorant.

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