Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Lady

So far, today has been just okay. My kidneys hurt. I know that sounds random but they do. I feel like an old woman these days. I know I'm just 23 but I'm starting to see what my mom was talking about all those years about how it comes fast. Like, if you read a previous blog you know that a backbend is impossible unless I want to take my rheumatoid arthritis medicine again. I have to wake up in the middle of the night now to go to the bathroom. That might have been a little TMI but that's so old woman of me. I have to go for a run in the mornings now to keep my legs toned otherwise my knees look fat. What's next I wonder? Cellulite? Wrinkles? Ooohh I'm not looking forward to it. Like, I just cannot imagine myself as an old woman with 7 grandkids. I literally cannot wrap my brain around that image. I'm gonna be a cool grandma though. I'm not going to look mammaw either. I'm going to color my hair, keep up with the fashions, and watch all of the good TV shows so I can have something to talk to my grandkids about. I'm going to keep reading People too. I just can't see my celebrity fascination fading away. Those days are far away I suppose but I seem to be well on my way apparently.
Getting away from that topic now. I enjoyed Holly's company so much last week, I decided to keep her for this week too. I think she's really enjoyed herself. I went to Target and bought her, her favorite treat - Beggin Strips. She LOVES beggin strips. They used to be too big for her and I'd have to break the strip into 3 pieces but now they make them in mini's for little dogs and they're a perfect size. Ever since I bought them, all she does is stand by the kitchen counter where they're stored and wait on me to notice and give her one. She's so funny. Her diet the past few days has consisted of beggin strips. I can't resist her sweet face though.
Work has still been great. I'm going to need all of you who live in NWA to come see me though! It takes a while to build a clientele but you guys can help me out by coming to the salon to see me! 443-7776! My hours are very flexible and I can make time around your schedule! Plus I'm really good at what I do. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it would be good information for you to know!
Time to focus on Oprah. She's giving tips on how to save money. Something I'm very interested in however I don't know if I'll learn anything new as Scott has already trained me well. He's very into saving. He still has his Christmas money from when he was 7! Crazy...

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