Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun With Friends

Last night was a very fun night! Scott, Jake, Jaclyn, Stina, and Scott's dad, Randy, and I all went out to eat at Bordinos! It was YUMMY! Scott and I had the veal and it was delish. Jake, Jaclyn, and Christina all got the spinach fettuccini which is always a good choice and I ate quite a bit of their food also. After dinner, we all went to that new club, FIX. It was loads of fun but the bouncer was quite rude. He wouldn't let me in because I didn't have 2 forms of id even though I was showing him a government issued liscense that states I'm 23. It made me mad and it made Scott even more mad then me which is a very rare thing. He asked to speak to the manager and got it all straightened out. It's a very cool dance club and reminds me a lot of something you would see in LA or Vegas. Except the DJ wasn't as good as a DJ in Vegas or LA would be but that's alright. Maybe he'll get better. There were tons of people there and for some reason, so many people kept making fun of Jake's lovely haircut. One guy was really rude to him about it, and I told him that Jake was sporting the 2008 Zac Effron look unlike him who was still stuck in 2004 with the Ryan Cabrara. I don't have a tolerance for mean people especially when they're being mean to my friends. I'll straighten them out right away.
After we left FIX, we pretended to be college students again and went to Z bar. It was loud and cramped. I'm getting too old to enjoy anything like that these days. I did run into Benny boy and was so happy to see him! While we were at Z, Ike decided to come and greet us and poor Jake had to run many blocks to go get the car and pick us up and take us home. He was drenched and I felt bad for him but it was also kind of funny because he was so dramatic about the whole thing...of course. We continued on with our trying to be college kids night and went to T-Bell. I hate myself in the morning when I do that because you can so tell in my tummy that I ate a number 5 from there. I'm not going to do that again. Once we got home, I had a slumber party at my house with Jake, Scott, Brad, and Jaclyn. This morning, we woke up and had lunch at US Pizza and now, all of the boys are napping and I'm stuck here blogging because I'm wide awake and there's nothing else to do!
Okay so I guess I'll stop blogging and watch Fox news. Have a nice lazy Sunday!

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