Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Penguin Ed's

Happy Tuesday! Well, not really I guess. Scott and I just got back from a funeral. His stepdad's mother died on Saturday but she was able to live a long and happy life so we mainly celebrated the good life she lived. After the funeral, the family gathered at her house for lunch. They catered Penguin Ed's which was so yummy and I was a little bit embarrassed because I of course fixed a to go plate for dinner tonight. Enough for me, Jake, and Scott. I of course got made fun of by the whole family that doesn't know me very well yet but I really have no shame when it comes to that and I probably should.
Last night was fun. Scott, Jake, Brad, Jaclyn, Christina, and I went to a Young Professionals event in Rogers. It was at Crabbys and was a lot of fun. I had been to one before when I went on a date with a 29 year old long before I met Scott and it was fun too but this one was way better for obvious reasons. That guy didn't last long since we went out to eat after that and he insisted on feeding me himself. He cut my meat up for me and everything. SO WEIRD.
Everyone who went to the Young Professionals event at Crabbys received 2 tickets for free drinks. I, of course, searched the floor and was able to find two extra tickets. Scott's always so proud when I manage to do those kinds of things. After the event was over, we all ate dinner at Crabbys and it was so yummy.
My air is out at my house and I'm so grouchy because of that. They're coming to fix it tomorrow and tomorrow just can't come soon enough. I had to sleep with no covers on last night so I couldn't sleep as well because I love to cuddle with my comforter up to my chin.
On a happy note, I get to eat free Penguin Ed's tonight. I bet my brother is so jealous. Speaking of my brother, Landon bought a gold fish and he's already killed it. They think he gave it a heart attack and that totally wouldn't surprise me. Poor fish.
I've got to go to work now and sit in my chair and hope for a walk-in which I'm sure won't come but oh well. Free Penguin Ed's tonight!!

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