Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nick and Jess

Jake and I are sitting on my couch right now watching my DVD's of Newlyweds. It makes me so sad that Nick and Jess aren't together anymore. They remind me of Scott and myself except that we don't argue as much as they do and we will not be getting a divorce. I wish they would get back together. What was Jessica thinking leaving him? He's so great.
If you read my blog earlier, you know that my air is out. Jake and I are sitting here with the window open waiting on a crazy to bust through. I guess I should feel better about it knowing that I'm in Fayetteville not Memphis. The air people came today and they said it has to be completely replaced so they're coming back tomorrow to do that.
I feel so fat right now. I just ate one of those small 88 cent bags of Cheetos. I opened it and put half in a bowl and saved the other half but I've eaten the whole thing now. I hate myself when I do that.
Nothing really interesting happened to me today. I went to work even though I didn't have appointments just to see if maybe a walk-in would come. No one did. Oh well.
Okay back to Nick and Jessica. Jake is laughing so hard and just said 'I want their lives.' They are cute but I like my life. I used to dream of having what they had and I thought it was not obtainable given my past relationships. However nothing could hold a candle to what I have with Scott. Not to sound know...whatever....but I like to think our relationship is perfect because it basically is. I credit it to Scott because he's so chill and all whatever. I am very aware that sometime within our next 50 years of marriage, something will probably come up and not be perfect, but for now, it's amazing so that's all I can ask for. I'm in love with him. Aww.
Okay time to stop. Bye!

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