Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I guess I should give you a Holly update. I know I told you earlier that I found 1 big lump and 2 little lumps on her little tummy. Turns out, it's breast cancer. No big deal because it's supposedly a very easy surgery and the next day she'll act like nothing happened. So mom took her last Wednesday to have her breast cancer removed. Before she had the surgery the doctor wanted to do blood work on her to make sure she was healthy enough to do it. Well, mom got a call a few hours after she dropped Holly off at the vet and he told mom Holly's bloodwork didn't come back perfect. So he asked if he could do a few things and check her out. Of course mom said yes, do anything, and keep me updated. Poor Holly had to get an ultrasound and a cathader put in her to test her urine because the doctor seems to think that Holly has bladder cancer. Bladder cancer is not good. I googled it and it's really not good. The doctor said Holly definitely had a bladder infection and when she tinkled it felt like crystals were coming out of her. Poor baby. That makes me feel so bad for her. The bladder infection could be an extreme case that made it look like bladder cancer so he gave us some medicine to give her twice a day and told us to bring her back in on Monday, which was yesterday.
So mom took her in and they had to do another ultrasound and just really can't seem to figure it out. The doctor told mom that bladder cancer in dogs are in two forms. Some look like a mushroom which is easy to cut out and get rid of, and some are lining the bladder. Holly's isn't the mushroom kind. The doctor said it could possibly be feces too. He said he has really good equipment but there's another vet in Little Rock who has the absolute top notch equipment so he's sending Holly there.
Holly has an appointment with them on Friday and I've just been a nervous wreck all week. My dad had to come up to NWA this week for work so he brought Holly with him so I could spend some time with her. I can't stop loving on her. We will of course do surgery but she's 12 so I just wonder if she'll make it through. Holly seems to be acting a little spunkier than she normally does so maybe she did just have a really bad bladder infection and the medicine is making her feel better. She seem's to be feeling better not only to me but to my mom as well. I'm praying she'll be okay. I know she's been alive for a long time but I'm just not ready yet. I'll never be ready but I really just can't handle this. I'm looking at her right now all snuggled up on top of my pajama pants and I just can't imagine not having that to always look at. I cried myself to sleep the other night just thinking about it. Holly is like a baby to me. I've had her since I was 12. It will be a sad sad day in the Luttrell house when we loose Holly. For now, I'm going to think positively. Holly see's the doctor on Friday so please say a quick little prayer that she'll be okay. I'll update you on the news.

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