Monday, October 27, 2008

Proud To Be An American!!

Today I felt really proud that I was born in America. I went to the Washington County Courthouse to vote! While I was standing in line waiting to vote, for John McCain, I thought about what I was doing and how cool it is that I can help decide who runs this country. I got to thinking about all of the men who started the US government and how brilliant they were to allow the people to decide. It was a very cool feeling! I was helping make history. Very cool. I obviously voted in the last presidential election but I voted absentee so it just wasn't quite the same feeling. I checked back over all of my votes about 3 times to make sure my answers were correct. I just had to be sure that John McCain is getting my vote because this is obviously going to be a very close election. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous.
Last night I spent my evening filling out a marriage questionnaire form. Scott and I have to take marriage counseling before we get married at Fellowship. The questions were very long and quite deep. Some asked my favorite color and movie, others asked who would pay the bills, where we would spend each holiday, if we want dogs, how clean I want our home to be, and how I feel about euthanasia. They wondered how I like to be cared for when I'm ill, how important travel is to me on a scale of 1-10, and 5 positive qualities Scott and I are each bringing to our relationship. Some of the questions took a lot of thought!! It took me about an hour an a half to complete the 15 page, multiple choice and fill in the blank form. I'm really happy to do it though and I'll be curious to know how Scott answered his questions when they're given to us at the workshop. I have a pretty good feeling that I'll know exactly how he'll answer the questions but I'm still anxious to see them. I kind of wonder if the people who read them have ever gotten a couple who were so obviously a bad fit for each other. I wonder if they tell you that you might want to reconsider your spouse choice! Ha! That would be terrible. I'm sure it's happened.
I should get ready for bed now. It's very late!

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