Monday, November 24, 2008

Ruined Bedspread

Well, I had just a fabulous weekend! Scott drove up on Thursday and we had a nice time getting to see each other. We ate at Bordinos on Friday and hung out with Braclyn on Saturday. I decided yesterday to drive to Memphis with Scott. We left his car in Fayetteville so he's forced to come back. It won't be that big of a deal since we're spending Thanksgiving with my family in Little Rock this year. We'll go back to Fayetteville on Saturday and celebrate our 2 year anniversary! At Theos I'm sure. We'll just relive our first date!

I did have one bad thing happen to me this weekend. I took my bedspread to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned. I've done it a lot of times big deal. Well, I have a black silky bedspread and when I picked it up, the dry cleaners decided to turn it gray and crunchy. Slightly depressing. The manager/owner wasn't there but they took down my number and are supposed to call me. So since my bedspread is ruined and I didn't want to snuggle up at night with just a sheet, I decided to immediately look for a new one. I found two at i o metro and decided to get both. Boy oh boy Scott found that totally irresponsible and didn't speak for a good 10 minutes. I tried to explain that ever since I moved into my house, four years ago, I've been looking for a good spread for my guest bedroom but nope! I'm still irresponsible and I'm getting an allowance when we get married! Oh well. It's for our house and we'll have it for many years. It's justifiable. Plus, the dry cleaners WILL BE giving me money to cover the ruined spread so it's like I'm only buying 1.

Landon's in town for Thanksgiving! He got in this weekend. Scott and I stopped by Little Rock on our way to Memphis to see him. He's so cute! He's 'big and heavy now.' Time for cute new videos!! The first is of him making Christmas cookies and the 2nd is of him doing cartwheels. I'm confused where the cartwheel thing is coming from?? Oh well.

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