Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holly's a Survivor

Well, Holly is a breast cancer survivor!!!!!! YAY FOR HOLLY! She got to come home today and mom said she was doing well but just looked kinda drunk from all of the meds. She wiggled in the nurse's arms when she saw mom was there to pick her up so we think that's a good sign. For a while, mom said she wouldn't lay down. All she would do is sit. Mom tried to help her and put her in her little pink princess bed but Holly would just sit right up. It obviously hurt to lay. But eventually mom said she was laying down so I think she's going to be just fine! The doctor did tell mom that Holly's kidneys are severly damaged. He's going to give mom some medicine to give Holly and she has to take it for 4-6 weeks. Mom felt terrible but he told her there was no way she could have possibly known. Hopefully the medicine will work and make her feel much better. She's a fighter! I wouldn't want to die either if I had the lavish life she has! She's the queen. I bought Holly a pretty pink pearl necklace with diamonds for her being a survivor! I know that's cheesy. She'll probably wear it once. We normally don't put clothes on her. She has a few sweaters for when it's cold outside because she shakes if she goes outside and it's cold, but other than that we don't put her in anything. She does have a precious pumpkin Halloween costume but she looks pissed everytime we put it on her so we get the hint real quick and take it off. I'm so happy and can't wait to see Holly when I go home for Thanksgiving!
Scott just got in! My surprise was chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered gummy bears and chocolate covered graham crackers from the chocolate store in Memphis I love so much, Dinstuhls! I kinda had a feeling! He's so sweet and got me a huge sack full! They should last a while but we'll see. I'll gain 2 pounds by Sunday probably. Okay well, time to devote my full attention to sweet Scott. We're going to look through all of our new fun gifts that we got! And organize! The best day ever!

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