Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Shower

Yesterday was my first wedding shower. It was thrown by my mom's best friends in El Dorado. It was so great and so nice! I got a lot of gifts and I'm really excited! 68 different people were thoughtful enough to go to the store and buy Scott and I gifts for our home that we registered for. Scott wasn't there, because the shower was just for ladies! It was so nice getting to see so many people from El Dorado that I haven't seen since I left for college. After the shower was over, mom and I could barely find room for all of the gifts in Big Red (our red expedition)
Once I got home to Little Rock, Scott and I turned on the webcam and I showed him all of the gifts we got. He was very excited about all of the Razorback platters we recieved! I got a lot of party platter stuff so I'm thinking about throwing a Christmas party so I can use them! I'm can't wait to use all of my fun stuff! I'm a little worried about finding room for all of it! My organization skills will be put to work!
Here's a few pictures we took from the shower. It's of just 1 of the tables of gifts, and a few of the presents that I got!

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