Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Passport Photo

I have a funny story. I went to Walgreens to get my passport photo taken and the girl that worked there was so odd and she made me feel like such an idiot. First I went to the counter and told her I needed to take a passport photo. She rolled her eyes and sighed really hard. So then, she told me I couldn't take my picture in my white sweater because the backdrop was white. So I told her, no problem, I had a green tank top on underneath it. The girl grabs her camera and holds it up to take a picture so I smiled. Then, she said 'you can't smile' and started laughing at me. I felt like such a dumbass. So then she told me to give her five minutes while she printed it. While I waited, I decided to text Scott and Jaclyn informing them that I couldn't smile in my passport picture therefore looking like a drugged out hippie getting a mug shot. What they were saying back was making me laugh really hard. I walked up to the counter to pick up my picture and the girl said 'what's so funny?' I just said 'oh nothing' got my picture and left.
When I got in the car and looked at my picture, I was mortified not only because I was looking at the fugliest photo of me ever, but I look naked in it because my hair is covering the tank top. NEAT! I'm so grossed out.
So anyways, that's my funny story. And I laugh out loud every time I think about smiling for my picture and her laughing at me. So awkward!

I got my christmas tree decorated! Wanna see a pic?

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