Friday, December 5, 2008

Wedding Planning/Football

I know the blog says it's Friday but I'm really writing this on's just 12:35 a.m so I guess that technically makes it Friday. Apparently my new thing is staying up into the wee early hours in the morning. Guess what I'm doing....other than blogging... WEDDING PLANNING! I only feel inspired to take care of that stuff at night. I've kinda noticed that about myself with everything. I guess night time is when my brain works best.
Yeah I'm trying to find a third song for the wedding. Impossible! I google wedding ceremony songs and dumb stuff like The Black Eyed Pea's, Let's Get It Started pops up. Yeah right, like I'm gonna have Paula Montgomery rap at my wedding. What are people thinking?? And if you try and google christian wedding songs....even worse. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever is a song about God...not your spouse. So frustrating because I'm needing to print the wedding program but can't do it until I know what Paula is gonna sing. Urg!
Has anyone noticed that I complain all the time about planning my wedding? too. I don't mean to be that way but it's just too much. I should have gotten a wedding coordinator. I didn't think it would be like this though. My Dad was so sweet tonight. He called me and we talked for about an hour. He asked me what he could do to help. I thought that was so nice of him. I gave him a list of to do's! Isn't that sweet that my dad is taking care of wedding to-do's? I think so. I have the best dad ever. I'm a very lucky girl.
Speaking of lists, I wrote one for myself and ran out of space on my paper. Haha. It's mostly just making phone calls and booking stuff. Since I'm driving to Little Rock tomorrow, I figure I can make all those phone calls on the 3 hour drive.
I'm going to Little Rock tomorrow/today because it's time for football state championships! My parents work with AAA so I attend every state championship for every single sport every year and have been since I was about 8 years old. I help sell merchandise and, believe it or not, it's so fun! Jake normally helps my parents during the sporting events because they need extra people to help. My parents love Jake and think he's such a good worker because 'he doesn't have to be told to do something he just does it.' I love working at events with Jake because he's equally critical as me with the stupid people with stupid questions. Questions this t-shirt unisex sized. DUH! Aren't all t-shirts? Or there was the young high school girl at a track event who didn't know how to write a check and I'm seriously not kidding. Had no clue! Jake and I laughed out loud in front of her as I had to tell her what to write and where to write it. We were cracking up and could not control ourselves! And all of the high school girls get a youth large when they really need an adult medium. There's always the question "is it 100% cotton?' I don't know! Look at the tag. And I hate when people ask how much it costs and I say 15 and they say, 15 dollas!? (leaving the r out on purpose) No, 15 lemons. Yes 15 dollars!! People can be so rude too. And I don't really have much patients with dumb, rude people so sometimes I get a talkin to from my parents for not being 'sweet' to the customers. Well....don't be dumb and ask me dumb questions and I'll be nice to you! People will say, is this the only color this shirt comes in? We're not JC Penny. What's on the table is what we have. Oh goodness!!! Even sweet, chilled, precious, nice, gentle, easy-going Scott gets annoyed with people. When Scott's annoyed with someone, you know it's bad!
So yeah...I'm spending my weekend at football games...without Jake though because he has a STD disease of the mouth. (HAHA! Some form of strep that's an STD but his 'isn't the STD kind') I'm extra excited about attending the state championship tomorrow because the EL DORADO WILDCATS are playing! YAY for the wildcats! We went to state my junior year in high school and it was so fun and the whole town was so excited! We're playing Lakeside and I hope we win! We didn't win my year...lost by a touchdown or something like that. I'm so weired out because the little boy I used to babysit is the quarterback now! I'm slowly getting so old!
Okay so this is a long blog. I guess I'm bored and had a lot to say! As Scott says, I'm never short for words. I'm a talker...that's for sure.
I guess I'll get back to googling wedding songs. Wish me luck!

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