Friday, December 5, 2008

Mimi and Landon

A picture I discovered on my camera! So how sweet is this. I called Scott to tell him I found a picture of my grandmother and Landon on my camera and he was like 'oh yeah I took that.' I said 'oh okay...someone tell you to?' and he said 'no, they were just sitting together so I wanted to capture it.' NOW ISN'T HE THE GREATEST PERSON EVER!! aww! So sweet.
Funny Landon and Mimi story. Landon was talking to Mimi and she said 'Landon how old are you?' and he said 'I'm 3! How old are you?' and Mimi said 'I'm 84!" and Landon was quiet for a minute and then said 'that's too many." HAHAHA!!

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