Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy Wedding Week

Wow it's been a busy week. 7 weeks until the wedding and boy is it catching up to me. I would just like everyone to know who's getting a wedding invitation within the next few days that they were stuffed and personally licked by yours truly. I meant to go buy one of those wet sponge envelope licker things but just never got around to it and it wasn't important enough for me to stop licking for 30 minutes to go and buy one. So I personally, very much so, invited you to my wedding.
I should invent a name for myself during these last few wedding weeks to keep me going. A new identity. Like Beyonce's performance name is Saysha Fierce....I think mine for the next few weeks should be something like....Amy Whinehouse.... Totally kidding. It's not that bad! I think from now on, I'll call myself.............Kwashina Saywordstomakemehappy Tenacious. I think Kwashina Tenacious can get things done!!!! Kwashina Tenacious is gonna kick booty!
Okay Kwashina Tenacious is off to find wedding songs...

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