Thursday, December 11, 2008


So do you remember how I told you that I took my bedspread to the drycleaners and they ruined it? Yeah well, after that happened I gave them a call and talked to the owner. He asked me to bring the bedspread back in so he could try and fix it. I thought to myself 'there's no way you can fix it, it's ruined' but I said okay and took it in.
Well, a week or so later he called me back and told me they couldn't fix it. I said okay, that I didn't think so and before I could get another word in he said 'okay you can pick it up now' and hung up the phone. I was furious! I knew that I would get nowhere with him so I made Scott call. Scott called and the guy said that it wasn't his fault that the bedspread got ruined because I cut the tag off that tells how you clean it. EXCUSE ME? Who doesn't cut that big huge footlong white tag that flops around off the corner of your bedspread? So Scott said, 'well if you didn't know how to clean it then you shouldn't have cleaned it if you thought it might get ruined.' (Let me remind you that I've probably had that spread cleaned about 5 times since I've had it) The guy wouldn't budge with Scott and said that I signed a release form to have it cleansed. I call BS on that. I never remember doing that. So since Scott couldn't get anywhere with him what do I do.....get daddy to call!!!!
My dad just got off the phone with him and the guy said the same thing he said to Scott. My dad asked me about signing the waver and I told him I honestly don't remember doing that and if I did, I want to see it. AND, if they make you sign a waver, why didn't they have me sign one every time I took it to get cleaned? They're just a bunch of a$$ holes and I'll be damned if I don't get my money back. Especially since they're liars and trying to tell me I signed a waver when I know I didn't. They're not even offering to pay me the $30 back that I spent getting it cleaned/ruined!!
If all else fails, I'll have Scott's mom call. She works for the best lawyer in town and has gotten me out a speeding ticket before with just a quick phone call. That outta do it.
This is just crap. The spread is ruined. I had to go buy a new one. Not only that, I'm going to have to buy new curtains now and new throw pillows. This mess is going to add up to over $600 and I don't think it's fair that I have to pay for it.
So until I hear back, I would like for whoever reads this to know that Ozark Drycleaners ruins your stuff and they don't care and don't even apologize so don't do business with them!!!!

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