Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scott Moves In!....Kinda

Well I had a really busy weekend. Scott moved all of his furniture into my apartment. He's still living in Memphis, but he's just gonna crash at a co-workers apartment who has an extra bedroom until he gets to Fayetteville. Moving is miserable! It takes forever. Scott's dad, Brad and Scott's friend Matt helped us move which was quite helpful! My place looks great with all of the furniture in here! Scott has really good furniture from Lighting Emporium (best store ever) so we're mostly using his stuff. It looks totally different in here! I like it! It was sort of a tease though having Scott move his stuff in. Now I'm super ready to be married! Not that I wasn't before of course. Since Scott drove a moving truck with all of the furniture in it, I had to drive Scott back to Memphis. We arrived in Memphis around midnight on Sunday then I woke up at 7 in the morning to drive back to Fayetteville and get to work on time. Miz! Even more miserable about it, I drove through an ice storm while I was on I-40. From about Conway to Clarksville I had ice beating down on my car. It was a little scary and the drive took extra long because I refused to drive faster than 55 MPH. So annoying.
Since I've had time to rest from my busy weekend, I've finally been able to get some Christmas shopping done. Christmas shopping takes so long for me to do because I always check out every store first to see what they have before buying anything. It's also bad for me because while I'm shopping for other people, I'll see something that I want for myself too. So hard to resist! Okay....time to devote my time to Fox News. Happy Holidays!

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