Sunday, December 14, 2008

More About the Dry Cleaners

So I've got a story for ya. I decided to go speak with the dry cleaner guy myself. I drove to his office and spoke with him. I asked him if I could have a copy of the release form I supposedly signed. He told me he wouldn't be able to get it for me right then but he would look for it and make a copy for me. I said that was fine and to just call me when he found it. Then I asked him if he could refund me the $35 that I spent on getting my bedspread dry cleaned (ruined). He said 'well, we cleaned it, we got the job's clean.' I said 'I know you cleaned it but it's ruined. I can't use it anymore. My pillow shams are still black and my bedspread is gray. I can't use it anymore because it doesn't match.' And he said 'oh well, you can bring the shams in and we can do the same thing we did to your bedspread and then that way they'll match. We can just ruin those too and you can still use your bedspread.' Wait a minute.....where's the hidden camera? Did you actually really just say that to me????? I said back to that 'ummmm....well there's no point in that I've already bought a new one' he said okay and that was that.
Can you believe the audacity of that man? I called my dad when I got in the car and he could not stop laughing. What kind of person are you? You'll just 'ruin my shams too so they'll match' ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What in the world is wrong with this man? Worst business man ever!!!! So, since all else failed, Scott's mom will begin writing up the letter for me tomorrow along with an attached receipt of my new bedspread cost. Surly he'll pay up after that. And Jodie said that she'd ask for the $35 dollar refund too because that really made me mad that he wasn't willing to give me that back. What does it matter if you cleaned it? You RUINED the bedspread dude. RUINED. How does cleaning it make me feel any better about that money spent? So annoying! Never, ever go to Ozark Dry Cleaners. Worst dry cleaners ever!!!!

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