Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Well, the votes are in and it looks like Sarah and Lily will be wearing a bow! I went to The Toggery (a children's boutique in LR) and found 2 really pretty bows that match their sweet little dresses perfectly! They're huge and will probably be the size of their head which I love! That's how my bows used to be when I was a little girl and I think it's so cute! So that's what they'll wear! Thanks to everyone who voted!
The day has been pretty easy going but I've been incredibly sleepy all day long. I woke up at about 9:00 and turned on the inauguration. Then about 30 minutes later I decided I was sleepy so I fell back asleep and slept until 12:30!!!!! Then, I got dressed and ran some errands with Landon and around 6:00, I decided I was sleepy again and I feel asleep and slept again for 2 1/2 hours!! What's wrong with me?!
I've been watching the inauguration all day. My TV has been stuck on Fox News. I didn't think I would care to watch it but who am I kidding. Whenever anything political is going on I'm glued to the TV. I just love politics!!!! I wasn't in love with Michelle Obama's day wear. I thought it was a gorgeous dress but not appropriate. Laura Bush looked so classy to me. She just screams class in my opinion. I love a lady like that. Jill Biden looked great! She's super cute. Even though I didn't like Michelle's yellow/gold dress, I am obsessed with her white one shoulder evening gown. GORGEOUS! Good job. Oh and how cute are the two girls? Oh my gosh they're so adorable! So precious. I hope I'm wrong about Barack Obama. I hope that he is a great president. I, of course, want the best for America. I do have a feeling he'll only last 1 term though. I dunno why. Just a feeling....
It was sad for me seeing Bush get on that helicopter and leave. I love George Bush. I think he's a great man. He is the first president who I took interest in. I wasn't interested in politics until Bush time and I think that's why it was a little emotional for me. He's all I really know as far as presidents go! Even though some people may disagree with me, I do believe Bush will go down in history as a great president. (Scott's step-sister laughed out loud when I said that to her as she is a screaming liberal) Ab Lincoln was HATED while he was president and he is probably THE most admired president ever. It may take a while but I do believe people will see that George Bush did a lot of good for America. Hopefully Obama will as well.
I'm proud for America. However I've never been one to think that black people are at a disadvantage and can't do what white people can. I feel like anyone who thinks that way is on a pity-party. Anyone can do what they want if they work hard for it. Period. I mean, I saw people on TV today who had tears in their eyes. I'm sorry if I'm insensitive but what's that about? Did you think we would never have a black president? I mean....I didn't. Maybe I have my white goggles over my eyes but I guess I've just never seen why 'blacks' are at a disadvantage to 'whites.' Work hard. Get it done. Have goals and dreams. That's all it is really. It doesn't take much rocket science. Honestly I get so sick of that 'poor me I have dark skin' crap. That's BS to me. Maybe if it was 1950 but it's not. It's 2009. I understand terrible, awful things happened back then but I mean, I didn't do it. My parents didn't do it. Why the hate? Let's put the past behind us and move forward is what I'm thinkin....
Well, now that I've sounded like a preacher with completely different beliefs than Jessie Jackson, I'll get off now and try and get some sleep. Happy inaugural day! Good luck to Barack Obama and America!

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