Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last To-Do List

Well I failed at posting every day the week before the wedding. Yesterday was just a little bit crazy so I didn't have time. Scott came down to Little Rock last night. We've got a few little things to do and then we're done!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! Today is going to be pretty crazy too actually. I'm waiting on Scott to finish eating lunch and then we're off to do some stuff. His tux is in so we've got to get that. I've got to go see my cake lady once more. I need to get some pictures developed. I have to go down to my dad's office. I need to make some CD's then I need to take them to the country club. I need to go for a run but that probably won't happen. I need to meet with the audio guy at the church. I need to get some sacks to put some gifts in. Hmm...I think that's all.
I can't believe it's Thursday! I'm getting married not tomorrow but the next day. I haven't been wearing my engagement ring all week and I've felt naked without it. I'm not doing a wedding band because it doesn't look good with my setting. So since I'm not doing a band, I decided to not wear my ring until Scott puts it on my finger!
Well, just looking at my to-do list today is making me a little anxious so I need to stop blogging and go get it all done! Happy Thursday!

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