Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's My Wedding Day!!!!!

I'm sure ya'll are wondering what in the world I'm doing blogging on my wedding day. Well... it's 6 a.m., I just woke up, and there's no chance of me falling back asleep. There's nothing good on TV so after laying awake for 30 minutes bored, I just thought I'd blog. I can't believe I'm getting married today!! It feels like Christmas!
Last night we had the rehearsal dinner. It was so great! Jaclyn cried the whole time which made me cry. Everything at the church ran smoothly and the dinner at the Chenal Country Club was wonderful! We opened up the floor for anyone to give a toast. Everyone was so sweet and the toasts were wonderful. Jake's rhymed. He'll have to post it on his blog for all of you guys to read. (His blog is opened up for anyone to read now that he FINALLY has a job.) The dinner was delish!! Everything was fabulous and I love, love, loved it! At 10, the girls and Jake are coming over to my house to have a brunch and then we're headed straight to the church to start getting ready! It'll be a busy day and I'm most definitely looking forward to it.
I just discovered my mom on the couch. She can't sleep either. Now I have company so I'll stop blogging. We've got lots to do anyway! Here's some pictures from the rehearsal last night. And since I'll be away on my honeymoon until next Saturday, ya'll can just think about me, relaxing, getting a tan, and enjoying life while staying here.

Me and Scott saying bye!!!

Check back with you in a week! Happy Wedding Day!!!!!!!!

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