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Hello all! I'm back from St. Lucia! Scott and I had a wonderful time and we hope to go back sometime within the next few years. We're thinking 5 year anniversary...
I know I should probably blog about my wedding first since that came before the honeymoon but I don't have all of the pictures yet or videos and you know I'll want to post both along with it. So honeymoon first. Get ready, I'm sure it'll be a long one!
Scott and I woke up at 4 a.m. Monday morning to catch our 6 a.m. flight. Mom, Dad, and Holly drove us to the airport
After an hour long flight to Atlanta, a 2 hour layover, and a 5 hour flight to St. Lucia, we arrived at our hotel just in time to get situated, shower, and get ready for dinner. Scott and I quickly learned that dinner at Jade Mountain had the most amazing food to ever touch our pallet. The hotel has 4 different restaurants, but The Club has the nicest food so of course, Scott and I being the food snobs that we are, we ate there all but 1 night. It's a set 5 course meal every night with about 4 different options for you to choose from. Before they bring you your entree, they bring you sorbet to cleanse your pallet. Scott and I got the all-inclusive package to Jade and we took full advantage. Scott was more adventurous in his food choices than I was. He had Shark, Blue Marlin, and King Fish and was not so adventurous with a rack of Lamb one night. I had Chicken, Filet, and towards the end, fell in love with this vegetarian pasta dish that the chef made that is the best thing I've put in my mouth and I ate that 2 nights in a row. The chef and I actually became friends so he emailed me the recipe. Yum. I'll make it all the time.

On Tuesday, Scott and I were a touch disappointed because it rained for about 5 minutes every hour. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but the it was cloudy all day because of the rain. We still hung out on the beach though.
Tuesday night, was the one night that Scott and I didn't eat at The Club. We ate literally on the sand. I thought it was lovely and the food was delicious but it just couldn't compare to our 5 course meal. We still had a great time though and after dinner was over, we walked 12 steps to the bar area and had a few drinks and listened to some local music. It was very entertaining and we enjoyed it a lot.
Scott and I were quite adventurous on our vacation. We aren't the type to just lay on the beach all day doing nothing so every day we did some sort of activity. So on Wednesday, we decided to tour an active volcano in St. Lucia and tour their botanical gardens. That was probably one of my favorite activities. I really enjoyed all of it. The volcano, however, smelled like the most miserable thing I've ever smelled in my life. It has sulfur in it and sulfur smells like rotten eggs. I told Scott when we first got there that I didn't think I was going to make it. I kept gagging and really thought I was going to be 'that girl that threw up.' Eventually, I figured out a technique to not smell it and the tour actually only lasted about 30 minutes.

Directly across from the volcano was a waterfall and one of the most picturesque things I've ever seen. Notice the goats on the left.
Here's a video of the volcano. Notice the lava shooting out of it from time to time.

Once we got back from the volcano and botanical garden tour, we headed out to the beach for some sun and pina colodas!
So of course, I took many videos. However, blogger only allows a 100 Mb video to be uploaded on here and that's about a 1 minute video. It's quite hard to film a video in just under a minute so I decided to create a youtube account for all of my videos that are longer than 100 Mb now. Here's the first one I added! Enjoy this and all the more to come in the future!

Once the sun went down, we headed up to our room to get ready for another delicious dinner! Scott and I tended to wake up very early every day. We were usually up at about 7:30, ordered room service, then put our swimsuits on and went down to the beach. On Thursday, Scott and I went sailing and snorkeling. We had tons of fun and the snorkeling was the most beautiful I had done!
As we were sailing, we past by many villages in St. Lucia. Here's a picture of one of them.
Once we were done with sailing, we hung out on the beach some more then, of course, headed off to dinner.
On Friday, Scott and I did kayaking and we also sailed a sailfish. A sailfish is just for 2 people so Scott sailed and I rode. We had a lot of fun doing that and I think Scott wants to buy a sailfish now.
After we got in from the beach, Scott and I decided to take a couples massage course. We had already gotten our couples massage on Tuesday, but we decided to take a course so we could learn how to massage each other properly. It was really great and will be great for us since Scott and I both have lower back problems! After our massage, we headed to The Club for our last meal.
Since our flight didn't leave until 4, Scott and I decided to wake up early and get on the beach for the last time.
All and all it was an amazing honeymoon! Jade Mountain was fabulous! We were treated like royalty. We had a personal assistant named Teclus and he waited on us hand and foot. He would roll our bed down for us every night and sometimes put flowers on it. Every time we came in from dinner he would have a warm bath ready with bubbles. We had a small cell phone that only had one button to push and it went straight to him in case we needed anything. He was wonderful and we loved him! The hotel was just amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Our food was fab and the activities were so fun! We had a great trip and can't wait to go back!

Finally, here's a virtual tour of the room Scott and I stayed in narriated by yours truly. Enjoy!

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