Monday, February 2, 2009

Pre-Wedding Video

I've got so many things to write about concerning the wedding and it would just take way too long to write about it all at once. So I've decided to make separate categories about certain topics and blog about each of those until all of the wedding memories have been documented. Today's topic will be mine and Scott's pre-wedding video. Jake really wants me to post it so I'm doing it just for him!
Scott and I decided to make a video to have played at the wedding once all of the guest were seated but before the wedding actually started. The video is basically just to inform people about us. I know that when you go to weddings, you usually know about either the bride or groom but rarely do you know both. So we thought this would be a great chance to update all of our guests about Scott and I and let them know things like how we met, our first date, the proposal, etc. So here's the video that we played at the wedding for those of you who weren't there or even for those of you who were but would like to watch it again. Enjoy!

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