Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drunken Fools

Top 10 Best Drunken Moments at Scott and Kara's Wedding

10.) Jake decides to become a part of the band by playing the tambourine
9.) Groomsmen gather in the men's room to pop their beer bottles so the beer will bust out of the bottom
8.) Zach makes his own drink in a HUGE glass with many straws coming out encouraging everyone to try a sip
7.) Bridesmaid shows up to lunch at US Pizza the next day in her floor length gown
6.) Kelly slaps Jake
5.) Groomsmen 'enjoy the weather' as they sit in their cars at the church parking lot all day while leaving the groom to sit all by himself the day of his wedding
4.) Brother goes to get groomsmen in the parking lot for pictures and hears as he's walking to their cars 'it's the preacher! it's the preacher! as the boys 'clean up'
3.) James & Zach making a video message as the reception is ending...who knows what the hell it's going to say....
2.) Guest gets home and falls through his shower as he's flossing his teeth
1.) Dad catches groomsmen under the margarita machine with his mouth open holding the spicket up trying to get the last bit of margarita

Ummm...the country club ran out of alcohol. RAN OUT!!
Did everyone enjoy the open bar? I think so!

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