Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meal Plan

I'm bored. AND I've had a helluva day but I'm not ready to even go there yet. Maybe tomorrow. Writing is therapeutic for me so even though I have nothing to talk about, maybe my brain will feel a little less heavy once I'm done. This second glass of wine I'm having right now is helping out a bit too!
I took myself on a shopping spree today! I wanted to buy myself a few new outfits for the honeymoon. Scott's Christmas present to me was a Masons gift card because I've talked for a while about wanting to buy new clothes for the honeymoon so he was practical and great in his Christmas gift giving! He was worried that I would think it wasn't very thoughtful but I couldn't have asked for anything better! So I used it all the way up plus a little bit extra. I keep waiting on Scott to call me today about putting some of it on his credit card! ;) We're basically married. I don't feel guilty. (love you baby!)
So I have the best friends in the world by the way. I'll just tell you why. Today threw me a curve ball (maybe tomorrow you'll know why) and it wore me to a frazzle. Whenever I'm upset I call my people in the same order. Jaclyn then Jake. Jaclyn is always the same. Comforting like a momma and all like "awww...babe what can we do to fix this and make it better. Let's talk and discuss. I know we can figure something out and make it perfect." Then, I'll call Jake and all he does is laugh hysterically which makes me start laughing at the situation too. Perfect balance. No surprise at all why I chose those two to be the best friends I could possibly imagine having. So even though today was like 'whoa! I'm just a little confused what's happening here' they were great and made me feel better. Love those two!!!
I'm hungry but too bad because that's just the way it has to be for the next 2 weeks. Back to my 'week of the pageant diet Extreme Hardcore Style' starting on Monday. Right now it's 'week of the pageant diet halfway style' so I get to enjoy hot food for a few more days. This Monday may be a little too soon to be starting that actually...maybe Thursday. We'll see what the scale says these next few days. If it says what it said today I should start starving myself tomorrow. I swear that thing is broken. I told Jake tonight that I'm not losing weight and he told me that I already don't eat much so it's going to take running really hard to probably make anything happen. I haven't picked up great eating habits since I've moved back to Fayetteville which I guess is what Jake is talking about. When I was in Memphis, Scott and I would cook together every night and it was ALWAYS a grilled meat and veggie. Very healthy. I don't have a grill here though and it's hard to want to cook a real meal for yourself. So I usually just eat a lean cuisine for lunch and dinner. I know it's low in calories but it's just totally not healthy. So processed and full of sodium but it's all I have time for and all that works for me with the situation I'm in right now. Maybe I'll go buy some deli meat and bread tomorrow and start eating some sandwiches. That's better than a lean cuisine.
So now that I'm sure you're completely bored with my meal plan, I'll relieve you by saying I'm done!

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