Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding Attire!

Greetings from Little Rock! It's actually Thursday still....well not technically, I'm writing at 1:00 a.m. I drove down today to do a little wedding planning. Meeting with lots of folks and tying up all of the lose knots floating around. Scott is coming down tomorrow or I guess it's really today. On Saturday, we have to go to the church and do a marriage counseling retreat. It's from 8:30-4. We are both looking forward to it! We've filled out an 18 page questionnaire and today we took an online compatibility test and had to print out the results and bring them with us on Saturday. Scott and I were pretty much totally even on all of our questions about what we expect out of our marriage. However, we received a very low score on being realistic about marriage. We were 'idealistic' instead of realistic about everything. We know we'll have our up's and down's but I guess we both answered honestly about our relationship now and apparently it's not realistic. Even though it's supposed to be a bad thing that we scored low, I think it's a good thing! We just don't have issues. Period. And we know how to work out our issues if we do. But I'm sure the counselor will spend some quality time with us on that category. It was actually a really cool test and anyone can take it if you like! It's $20 to take it but I think it's a really good thing to do! There's two separate tests: One for couples who are engaged and one for couples who are already married. If any of you would be interested in taking it, all you have to do is go to and you can take it there. It only takes about 30 minutes and I would highly recommend it!
So I've gotten a lot of texts and facebook messages from people asking me what they should wear to the wedding. Anything you like of course! I will say that since it's an evening wedding and a sit down dinner a lot of people are taking the opportunity to break out their fancy dresses! I know some of my mom's girlfriends are busting out their razzle dazzle outfits for fun and some of my friends have mentioned doing it as well. Some have even mentioned floor length which I was like, wow! okay go for it. So if that sigma chi formal dress is just hanging there in the closet and you're really wishing you had something to wear it to again, Kara and Scott's wedding would be a great place! I know girls want the opportunity to get girlied up sometimes! Or I do anyway. So if you want to wear something like that you most certainly wouldn't stand out in a crowd because I think a lot of people are going to be dressed pretty formal. Same goes the other way around too...if you'd rather be a little more casual I'm sure there will be some of those too. Whatever you'd like! I'm just so excited that everyone who's coming is coming! It makes me and Scott both feel special and loved :)
I guess I should close my eyes now and get some rest. Long weekend ahead of me!

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