Monday, January 12, 2009

Weddings Planning as Usual!

So this weekend has been full of wedding planning! It's just 11 short days away and I think for the next 11 days I'll be wedding planning the whole time. On Saturday, Scott and I went to our marriage counseling retreat. It was awesome. I was actually surprised that out of the 15 couples that were there, I knew 4 of them. A couple of pageant girls, a Kappa sister, and someone from ElDo. At first, I didn't think that I had gotten much out of the retreat. Scott and I both thought we were going to get one on one counseling but it was actually more like a lecture with power point. I left a little disappointed then realized later that night when Scott and I talked for about 2 hours about everything we discussed there that it actually ended up being really great for us. There were a lot of couples there sharing their stores. Some had been married for 40 years all the way between a couple who had been married only 1 year. They shared their marriage stories and all about the good and bad. The dreams they shared and funny things that had happened to them throughout the years. It was really great and really allows you to realize how real marriage is. They prepare you for the tough times and teach you the best ways to work through it. They explained to girls how men think and what they need to feel loved and vice versa. It was just really great and I'm glad we did it.
They allowed the couples who are engaged to sign a form if they wanted to have a covenant marriage. A covenant marriage license basically forces you to stick it out. If you think you want to get divorced they make you have a 2 1/2 year separation before you can get out. The rules are also very strict on why you can get divorced. Seriously, one reason is like, if your spouse commits a felony and has to go to prison! It's pretty hard core and Scott and I are pretty hard core about us so we decided to have a covenant marriage! Marriage is a huge commitment and Scott and I do not take it lightly. We are going to make vows to on another to stay married forever and we will absolutely stick to our promise. The retreat was great for us and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is getting married. It's absolutely worth your time.
On Sunday I met with my florist, Becky. I prepared Scott to be ready to be at the CCLR talking flowers with Becky for a long time. Plans have kinda had to be just a smidge bit redone this last week which is why the other day, I was just ALL THE WAY stressed out. From the beginning of planning our wedding, Scott and I assumed we would have a fairly small wedding. Everyone that we invited has to either drive from El Dorado or Rogers to Little Rock and we knew it was a lot to ask of people so we kinda assumed not a ton would come. So we made plans accordingly. We figured we would have about 150 people. Well....not so much. We have 200!! It's awesome! We feel so loved by people especially that they have to make no less than a 2 hour drive just to come see us get married. It's so sweet and just so amazing. However, since we're having about 50 more people come than we planned, and it's a sit down dinner, we've had to do a lot of rearranging. So things at the reception are going to be a little different than I had been planning on for the past year but it's okay because I think it's going to be even better! So Becky and I had to discuss seating arrangements and do away with the lounge scene (tear) and get everything all squared away. We've gotten it taken care of and this is going to be my dream wedding and then some!
Today, Scott took off work so we could take care of some other things. I have been a miserable bride when it's come to picking out my wedding cake. I just picked it out today!!! I've met with the lady and put my deposit down to reserve the day and everything but that's all. Literally. So we went today to talk cakes. I'm serious I couldn't have been more confused. She sketched 7 different cakes and I was in love with all of them. I turned to mom and told her to pick because I was so confused and she said 'no it's your cake I don't want to pick' so I was like...oh my how will I ever choose. Mom and I agreed on one so we decided to go for it. Scott got his squared away also so we are good to go as far as that's concerned.
After the cake lady, we grabbed a bite at Flying Fish then headed to the church to meet with my church coordinator. She was great and we went over all the details of how the ceremony was going to be. She'll make everything run smoothly and I'm not worried about a thing! Very nice...
So that's all for the weekend. I think mom and I are running down to El Do tomorrow and then we're going to head up to Fayetteville to do some things I need to get done and pack and head down to LR to get married! I'm taking the whole week before the wedding off just so I can be here in LR taking care of things. Crazy Crazy. The day is sneaking up on me! TTYL!!

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