Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding Errands

I'm taking a breather here. These last few days have been crazy!!! It's all kinds of little things that I have to do that take forever. And there's still so much left. I hate when people are like 'it's getting closer!!!' I'm like 'ahhh! don't remind me. I've got too much to do.' I lay in bed at night and remember all kinds of things that I need to get done and then I wake up in the morning and I'm like 'ok...what was I remembering last night that was extremely important to do that I can't remember now.' And my bank account has taken a serious plunge. I checked today before I had to buy something to make sure I actually had money in there. I was surprised and relieved to see that I did.
Yesterday I drove down to El Dorado of all places to take care of some things. Mom and I needed to get one of my bridal portraits framed and there is a really amazing shop in ElDo so we wanted to take it there. Then, I had to borrow some things from my grandmother that only a grandmother would have. Like an easel to put the portrait on and some ornate all silver wine goblets for communion. Mom had to pick up this mirror in Magnoya (that's how people from there say it) for the house....and I stopped by where I'm registered to see if I had anymore gifts. So...long day in El Do but we ate at the Country Club for din which I love so it was worth it. My parents have still kept their membership there cause we seem to go to El Do quite a bit still and that's the only restaurant that's decent to eat at. I do like Papa Pablanos but that definitely doesn't fit in with my diet right now. So chicken salad and fruit from the CC it was!
Today Mom, Grammy, and I are driving to Fayetteville and staying until Friday. I've got to pack for the honeymoon and there are a few things in Fayetteville I need to do so I'm making a quick trip up there! Plus, Mom and Grammy haven't seen my place yet with all of Scott's stuff moved in so I'm anxious for them to see it. We'll have a fun little girls trip together before I get married! Holly's coming too of course.
I guess that's about all. I need to get back to being a bride. I'm very excited and so ready for it to be here. Oh and I was relieved because I can check the 10 forecast now and it looks like the weather is going to be perfect! Of course that can change. As long as there's no ice I'm good to go. I don't mind rain because that kind of makes it romantic and I think it means good luck too. But so far so good with the weather! Catch up with you later!

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