Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meryl Streep/Miranda

I'm really feeling like my inner Meryl Streep 'Miranda' character from The Devil Wears Prada should be coming through in this blog right now, but today is Sunday which means I went to church so I'll try to act more like Anne Hathaway's character. So...yeah, I'm still lacking a huge amount of response cards from guests that I invited. I mean, I didn't read Emily Posts book from cover to cover but I'm still aware of politeness and proper etiquette. I GUESS I'M JUST CONFUSED. I understand we've just gone through the holidays but if anyone is like me and my friends and family, that's when you have the most free time so that's not a good enough excuse to me. Maybe I should give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume their invitation got lost in the mail. I shouldn't 'beat a dead horse' as my mom said to me on the phone tonight as we went over the guest list, but I guess I just expected more from people. I should have learned by living life for 23 years now that nothing people do should surprise me.
Now I'm going be as sweet as Pollyanna. Scott's mom gave us 4 place settings of our casual china tonight which made me very excited! I decided to clean out all of my other plates that I've always ate on since I bought this house and put all of my new china in my cabinets since I've gotten so much now! It made me happy. :) I was going to wait until after Scott and I got married to eat on our china but the wedding is basically here and since I finally took all of my china out of the boxes and washed it and put it in my cabinets it was just too tempting! So we cooked a yummy steak and had asparagus and red peppers and ate on our casual china tonight for the very first time! (I told Scott as we were doing it that we were having a moment!) I'll save the fine china until after the Valentines Day or something. But I was so excited tonight to eat on our new china and I felt like Monica on Friends when I told Scott he was cutting too hard on the plate. (Careful....CAREFUL!...only Jake or other Friends fanatics will get it)
Actually I've taken a personality test before and my TV character whose personality I shared was 'Monica' from Friends. I totally see it. We are VERY much alike. Hmm...that was totally off track.
Alright I guess I'll get off now and either clean or get ready for bed....Night!
Oh and FYI. Braclyn, Scott and I went to see Seven Pounds last night and it's the worst movie I've watched in my entire life. I had to go to the lobby and play the video games so I could keep myself from falling asleep. Jaclyn was slightly startled when she found me shooting army men with a gun as she was checking on me because I had been missing from the theatre for quite some time. And I'm not the only one who thought it was terrible. All of us agreed it was a waste of money. As Miranda says, 'That's all...'

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