Monday, January 5, 2009

Sarah and Lily!

Just thought I'd take a extremely quick break from all of the wedding planning. Scott and I are both on our laptops right now typing away. I'm not going to be Debbie Downer anymore with the wedding stuff because it's almost over and my dad tells me I need to savor every moment since this will never come again. We got a few reply cards in today. Nice. Still missing 126 people though so Jaclyn did her maid of honor duty and called up some folks. And I pretended to be Jaclyn and I called up some of Scott's people that I knew wouldn't recognize my voice. HAHA. Then I realized I had to change the voicemail greeting on my cell phone for people I left voicemails to because my greeting says 'hey it's Kara...." So yeah that was fun....
So I thought I would do a fun poll with my little flower girls. I can't decide if I want the cutie pie's to wear a head band or a big bow. Their names are Sarah and Lily and they're 4 and 2. They're Scott's cousins and they are adorable. One is blond and one is brunette. They have hair that's a little past their shoulders. So I'm leaving it up to you guys! I'm sure I'll get like 4 votes but that's alright! Pick if you think Sarah and Lily should wear a silk headband or a silk bow!

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