Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol

I haven't blogged all week because nothing blog worthy has happened to me all week. I've been staying with Jaclyn at her parents. Brad has been out of town too so we've kept each other company. It's been great! Like college all over again. Jaclyn's mom, Monica is so great. We wake up early, get dressed, and head downstairs and there's a paper bag filled with orange juice and a homemade breakfast to go. I'm going to miss being spoiled!
So what did everybody think about American Idol last night? I'm SO excited that Kris Allen has made it to the top 12!! I voted for him exactly 50 times on Wednesday. I'm pulling hard for him because a.) he's from Arkansas, b.) he's a great singer, c.) he's got some dance moves, and d.) as Jaclyn says...he's beeeeautifuuulllll! Jaclyn and I had huge grins plastered across our faces while we watched him sing 'Man in the Mirror.' So good! I love him. I love that he's married too. That makes him cuter to me for some reason. I liked the cute little blonde who sang 'Put Your Records On' but what was up with the extremely uncoordinated twist with her arms she was doing? That was so awkward! She'll look back on that video and hate herself for doing that. Red head is good but has ZERO personality. I was actually feeling a little uncomfortable while Ryan was interviewing her on Wednesday before she sang. Then there's crazy hair broadway boy. He's really great. I think he'll stay in the top 12 for a while. Is he gay? I can't decide. Every time I watch American Idol I'm like 'I'm trying out next season.' Never happens...
My husband is coming to see me today!! YAY! He's leaving work at 11:00 and I can't wait to see him! We've got a very busy weekend always when he comes to Fayetteville. He's very popular. Everyone loves him. Actually, if you don't love Scott or can find some reason to not like him, then you've got a serious problem that might need medical attention. He's precious!! And I'm not saying that just because he's mine all mine!
We're going to eat with our friends Matt and Meredith tonight. Matt is Scott's groomsmen who got all the men the cuban cigars at the wedding. I think every man there found that to be the highlight of the wedding. Tomorrow night we're going to eat with Scott's dad and grandparents and I'm sure we'll eat with his mom and Steve for lunch on Sunday. Busy busy.
Okay well, I've got a meeting at work today so I need to get booking. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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