Monday, February 23, 2009

Jake's Blog Post

I just read Jake's post and it made me laugh out loud the whole freaking time. This is why he's my best friend. He keeps life entertaining. I'm recommending everyone to read his blog even if you don't know him. You'll laugh really hard. It's about the Oscars. I always know that Jake is watching an award show live just like me so I love to send him texts during the show as if he were sitting right beside me watching. So when the precious little Asian/Japanese/Chinese man accepted his award and all he said was 'sank you, sank you, sank you' it made me laugh really, really hard so I had to send Jake a text making fun of that. Anyways.....check it out.
Oh and I know that I'm catching a lot of flack for loving Beyone's dress. I knew before I posted that it got put on the worst dressed list and that still didn't change my mind. I know Jessica Biel's dress is getting mixed reviews as well but I loved it. Her hair...that's a different story. It looked like she nibbled on it a bit in the limo. But I loved the dress. So there you go.
Oh and P.S. Jake. You WOULD want the previous winners presenting to arrive in their Oscar attire they won in. That is so freaking cheesy. And I'm not at all surprised that you said that.

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