Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm watching the Oscars right now and I'm loving it!! I loved the red carpet. Angelina looked georgous!! Not necessarly her dress but her hair and make-up were flawless. Of course my favorite celebrity, Jen Aniston, looks great!!! She didn't wear black and she did something with her hair. Yay for her. She had Brangelina to impress so job well done. Did any of you notice that she was standing right in front of them while she was presenting and the camera totally shot to them 2 times while she was speaking. Whatever Brad knows he still wants her. I can't wait to read Us Weekly next week so they can inform us on the afterparty drama between those three.
So my eyes watered up big time when Heath's family accepted his award. So sad. Everyone knew he would win but that was really heartbreaking. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm feeling Kate Winslet. Ever since I saw her in Titanic she won my heart. I love her and it's about time she deserves a win!! I think she will. I do love Anne Hathaway too. That'd be fun and surprising. I would also love to hear Angelina's speech so I'd be cool with that too. Plus I watched Changeling with Mom a few nights ago and it is so good.
Okay Ben Button is winning everything. I'd so love for Bradly to win even though he left Jen for the girl with the tattoo overkill. I'm still a fan although his cool points have taken a dive since that tragic January day when he and Jen announced they were through. It was just as sad as my friends, Nick and Jess, announcing they were over....that day in November.
I loved the thing with Beyonce and the HSM and Mama Mia kids. Super good.
Okay I need to get back to the Oscars. They last until 11:00. That is quite a show.

I know you all are just dying to know about my trip to the big D. I will say that it was fabulous and I had an amazing time!! We stayed at the Hotel ZaZa which all of you should know if you are any type of celeb fan. It was so awesome!! Jaclyn did find a dress and it's beautiful and fabulous and she is stunning in it!! I told her Take My Breath Away was playing in my head when I first saw her! Gorgeous!!! She decided to take the big plunge and get it and the precious lady at Stanley Korshak got a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate! Jaclyn and I had a good 4 glasses. JJ finally found one so we were definitely in need for some celebration. Yay for my best friend finding her wedding dress! I'm so glad I was there when she did since it'll be a day she'll never forget! And I won't either... Brad will faint!
Oh and P.S. Jaclyn's lady at Stanley Korshak told us Jessica Simpson had been in the other day. We were like, shopping? And she said, yeah she was just looking around. And we were like 'well of course you can't tell us more...?????' and she just smiled.
So you heard it here first!!! On Kara Luttrell's blog. Kara Johnson...whatever. Jessica Simpson was looking at wedding gowns this week. Note. Jessica Simpson was looking at wedding gowns this week. I'm thinking of contacting People...
That's all. Have a good Oscar night!!

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