Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy Memphis Night

Today is a touch better. I did end up spending the night in Little Rock and drove up early yesterday morning. Mom and Dad had to do some business today in Ft. Smith so they came to Fayetteville last night and stayed with me which was great! Today is my good TV night so I'll be good to go. Tomorrow, I'm off to Dallas for the weekend with Jaclyn and her mom to go shop for wedding dresses!! I'm very excited!
A lot of people are wondering why I'm such a baby about staying by myself. So to not make myself seem totally foolish, I thought I'd share. It's a combination of a couple of things. Here's thing number 1.
When I moved to Memphis, I moved in the same apartment complex as Scott. It just so happened to work out that I got to live in the apartment right next door to his! We mostly hung out as his place because he has the better TV. So, I was over there late one night, watching Christmas with the Cranks, and Scott had already fallen asleep. Well, it's about 1 in the morning and the movie is almost over when I hear a knocking on the door. I jumped up from the couch and ran and woke Scott up. The knocking persisted so he got up and looked out the peephole and didn't see anything so we assumed they realized they had the wrong place and left. Well, we were standing close to the door talking so I guess the people heard us and they suddenly started BANGING on the door. We wouldn't open it and it got worse and worse. Scott told me to call 911. So I did and they said they would send someone over right away. The people were getting really frustrated at us not opening the door. The kept telling us to open the GD effing door. They were screaming and you could tell from the voice that the guy could very well have been the size of Shaq. They kept banging and screaming and the door looked like it was coming off the hinges. Scott put his hands on the door to basically keep it from falling down. Meanwhile, I'm FREAKING out. I'm screaming at Scott to NOT open the door and they're screaming at us. Scott told them we had called the police and they were on their way, when they said they were from the Sheriff's department and ordered us to open the door. NOPE. Not happening. After, about 5 minutes of this, the cops still hadn't come so Scott told me to call again. This second 911 call, I was not calm and polite. I was like, get your ass over here! We're about to get killed!!! The 911 guy could hear the people and I could tell it freaked him out a little bit too. He said they were on our street pulling in. So these 'sheriff's' are still yelling profanities and basically knocking our door down while Scott and I are totally freaking out. Then, all of a sudden, our lock turns. I swear God gave me super powers that night because I flew to the door and locked it back. Well that totally pissed them off and they told us to step aside they were shooting the door down. So Scott and I stepped aside. Then they said we had one last chance. So Scott looked at me and said 'I'm going to open it.' I went all psycho and was like no no no they're going to rape me and put a gun to your head and make you watch then kill us both. (I'm very dramatic in my worst nightmare thinking) And Scott was like, 'it's okay 911 said they were basically here.' So I said okay and Scott opened the door. The 2 'sheriff's' casually strolled in and wanted LaTonya. We said we didn't know her. Then they asked us why we didn't open the door and we said we had no reason for the sheriffs to be visiting us so why would we. Then he asked for our drives license and by this time I'm sobbing hysterically. At first I was very brave when Scott opened the door and I screamed at them and asked them what they wanted and told them to leave the door open. Then I turned into a big cry baby. So they told us next time to open the door, said 'sorry we made you cry mam' and left. What the hell was that about? Oh and by the way...911 never showed up. I was so upset and Scott was literally speechless so after sitting in silence for a good 30 minutes, we decided to pack up our bags and hop in the car at 3 in the morning and drive to my parents house. Never again did we stay in that place. When we went back to move, there were holes in the door from them beating it so hard with the baton. So yeah...we totally should have sued for emotional damage because Scott and I still get freaked out. He'll wake up in the middle of the night and check the locks on the door. And then there's me....we all know how I get. So yeah, that was so scary and not cool.
The second thing is the Anne Pressly murder. That really rattled me. I could just never stop thinking about it and it was so brutal and my worst fear. I think it freaked out a lot of women. I'm a little better now and don't think about it as much as I used to but that was horrifying. My wedding flower lady actually is Anne's mom's best friend so she had a lot of info that she told us about that no one else knew which didn't help matters. Bless her heart. As a christian, I shouldn't think like this, but I really hope he burns in hell.
So that along with the crooked people who wanted to shoot the door down doesn't quite settle well with me. Plus, Scott and I came home to Memphis one weekend and there was a naked man sleeping in Scott's bed. He was totally harmless and just incredibly drunk and got the wrong apartment (Scott's cleaning lady didn't lock his so the guys key 'worked) We ended up laughing about it later but imaging the initial freaking outness of coming home to goldielocks sleeping in your bed!!! Naked!
So that's why I'm such a big baby but I'm lucky because I typically don't stay here by myself. My parents come or I stay at Brad and Jaclyn's or Scott's dad's or something. So yeah...that's all I guess. We don't have good Memphis luck and it's created mental damage in the safety department.

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