Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wedding Day Thoughts

Well, so many people have been asking me what I thought about my wedding. I guess I haven't really blogged about that topic so that's what I'll talk about today.
I thought everything just went great! I was stressed out for a good 14 months about that one day. I was extraordinarily picky about everything. Not a bridezilla but I knew what I wanted and that was that. The actual day of the wedding though, I just couldn't have cared less what happened. If someone had spilled Koolaid on my dress I would have been like, 'well that sucks' and not thought anything more about it. Right before Dad and I were about to walk down the isle and before Landon and the flower girls walked down, Landon was being extra grumpy. He had his Elmo sippy cup in his hands and Dad was like, 'give me the bottle.' Landon was fighting his Pops hard on that and I was like 'just let him walk down with it. I don't care.' Thankfully, my church coordinator looked at Landon and said 'you are not carrying that down there. Give me that' and took it away from him. I think Landon was slightly intimidated by her and didn't say a word when she did that. He grabbed his pillow and off he went.
Standing there with my Dad while my pianist played the song I walked down to seemed like a good 20 minutes. It was just 1 minute but definitely the longest minute of my life. Scott and I hadn't seen or spoken 1 word to each other that whole day. Not even a text, so I was really ready to see him and very anxious.
Jaclyn was freaking out to herself just a little bit because she could tell when the coordinator came in the dressing room to give us a 20 minute warning that I started freaking out. I didn't say anything but I think you could tell by the look on my face. I felt like I was about to have to sing at a Razorback basketball game again. Just very anxious and ready for it to come.
I was left in the brides room all by myself for about 15 minutes. The girls had to line up and Scott was out there so I had to stay put -by myself- for the longest time. My dad finally came and got me and that's when Landon was being a pain and I had the longest minute ever.
Before that everything went great. I had my hair and make-up done and got to the church at about 2. The girls were all basically ready to go. We put our dresses on and took some pictures. That seemed to last forever. We were forced to leave because guests started arriving. That didn't seem right to me. Even though pictures were taking a long time I couldn't believe it was time for the guests to get there.
I didn't eat 1 bite of food or drink hardly a sip all day. I had more important things to think about and had absolutely no appetite. When Scott and I took communion, I'm not sure if I left him any grape juice because I think I sucked it all down. I was the same at the reception. I had a few bites but had too much on my mind to enjoy the food.
I know this isn't flowing in the right time line but my mind is all over the place with this. Bare with me.
I thought the ceremony went great. Kyle did an amazing job and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to marry Scott and I. I was very proud of myself by how little I cried. I didn't cry at all before the wedding. I thought mascara would be running down my face when I walked down the isle and I held it together. I didn't hold it together greatly when I was saying my vows but that totally didn't surprise me. I prepared everyone for that. My mom, dad, and Jaclyn were very teary eyed all day and I just refused to cry even though it was really hard. Honestly I didn't want to ruin my make-up and have it all down my face! So I just refused to cry before the wedding. I was like steel!
The reception was a great time! I was really pleased with everything and thought it just went great! Exactly how I envisioned and then some. There were lots of crazy things that happened with crazy guests but that's a given when there's an open bar...that ran out of liquor....
Scott and I stayed at the Capital the night of our wedding. Our room was beautiful and Scott had it all decorated :) I figured he would have a bottle of champagne for us but he went over the top when he got me 10 truffles as well! And smell good bath bubbles that whenever I smell them, it allows me to smell the memory of that day. We stayed up for a long time talking about the wedding. We woke up pretty early and I felt like a different girl. I felt like a married woman!! It was a cool feeling.
We hung out with my parents on Sunday then went to bed early and woke up early the next day to go on our honeymoon. The rest is history!
I'm sure I'll remember something else about the wedding that I'll want to blog about but for now that's all I can think of.

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