Monday, February 9, 2009

Debbie Downer

Well I had a nice weekend. Mom and Dad came and kept me company and we had a great time. Bordinos for din on Friday, Abuelos on Saturday and Olive Garden for lunch on Sunday. I can't remember the last time I had Olive Garden. Jake, Jaclyn and I used to eat there, I'm not kidding, like 3 times a week. We were obsessed with it our junior year in college. We ate out every single night. Except for American Idol night. Jake cooked. Now we're grown up's and can't afford to do that anymore so getting to eat lots of yummy meals was nice!
Ever since my parents left around 3 yesterday I've sunk into a deep depression. I guess I'll give some background info. Scott and I made the decision to move back to Fayetteville since our lives were in danger every day in Memphis. I was extra not liking Memphis so Scott told me to go on ahead and move to Fayetteville and get a job and he'd be right behind me. I got a job offer immediately and moved right away in September. The business world obviously doesn't work like that. Scott started applying at Walmart vendor teams and he was fairly quickly interviewed by Heinz. The first was a phone interview. They liked him and wanted him to come in person. Scott interviewed in person with them about a week or so later and they loved him! They called a few days later and told him they felt he was over qualified for the position he applied for but they liked him so much and wanted him on their team so they decided to create a whole new position for him. So he went in for a third interview for this new position. When he got there for his interview, the 2nd head guy at Heinz met with him. He said that everyone in the office was buzzing about Scott and he heard that Scott was quite the 'athlete' in the business world. (Duh! He's a rockstar) He said they absolutely wanted him on their team but they first needed to get his position approved since it was being created just for Scott. They said it would be about 4-6 weeks.
Scott and I were so excited. The job was really great and the company is a really amazing company to work for. So we were like, 4-6 weeks that kind stinks but it's alright.
So around November they call Scott and tell him the job got approved. The papers were drawn up and they were about to call Scott and have him come in and sign them. The day before that happened however, the company went on a hiring freeze. We were so upset but they told Scott the job was still his, and please wait on them because they really want him working there. We decided the job was too amazing to give up on so we said okay.
Well, the Friday before the wedding, Scott talked to the Heinz guy and he told Scott it would be the first of May before he'd start working. MAY? MAY?? I mean, what do you do? Scott said okay and that is that.
So I'm married to the perfect man but I don't know what that feels like because he lives 5 hours away from me. We share a bank account, last name, and that's it.
I cried to Scott on skype all last night and cried to Jaclyn on the phone today. It just sucks. I'm really, really lonely. I miss my husband. I want to wake up next to him every day and I want to snuggle with him at night. I want to watch TV on the couch with him and I want to cook a meal for him and eat on our new china. I want to use our silverware together and open gifts together. I want to not feel scared every single night. I want to feel married!!!
It's so depressing. I come home from work and sit all by myself until I go to bed. I feel just as bad for Scott as I do for myself. I just want to hop in my car right now and drive to Memphis and stay until May.
So anyway, I think I'm so sad because this is the first I've been all by myself in a while. Because I was in Little Rock 2 weeks before the wedding then went on my honeymoon. Now it's back to reality and reality sucks right now. I'm a sad girl. I guess I'll finish watching TV, fix something not special to eat since it's just me, have some wine and go to bed. Aren't you just dying to be me right now?

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