Monday, March 30, 2009

Dorothy and Diets

Happy Monday to everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. I didn't do anything special really. On Saturday, Scott and I went shopping for some black clothes for my new job. I'm starting on Thursday! I'm going to go in on Wednesday to set up my station and get everything squared away. I'm already on the books so call Estitiques and book an appointment with me! Please. On Sunday Scott and I went to Fellowship here in Little Rock. I just really love fellowship in Little Rock. The sermon was so amazing. When the preacher was done, the crowd applauded...not something that is super typical. But his sermon was THAT good and really made me think. Those are the best kind aren't they? Sunday afternoon, the whole fam got The Wizard of Oz for Landon to watch. The Wizard was my absolute most favorite movie when I was a little girl. I got my mom to make me 'dorothy shoes' but she would only let me wear them outside because the red glitter got everywhere. Haha. Now, they have them pre-made for kids these days. I've seen them at Target. Kids have it so easy now...
Landon wasn't quite sure what to make of the movie. The witch scared him. She terrified me too when I was little. But I think he liked it. He kept singing 'we're off to see the wizard.'
Scott drove off to Memphis last night but he's going to be coming up to Fayetteville every weekend of April so I'll see him on Friday. I drove on the road a lot to see him all last month so we're trading this month. Hopefully this will be over soon. If Heinz doesn't call him the first week of May I'm completely giving up and moving to Memphis with Scott. It's just ridiculous to live apart from your husband and my patience with the whole ordeal is wearing thin. Scott has always wanted to go back to school to get his MBA so that may be in our very near future. Who knows. We'll see. Maybe I'll be living in Chicago or California in a few months. Scott plans on going to school far far away. 
So today I started a diet. Landon weighed himself on my parents scale on Saturday. 36.2 is what his cute little weight is. He told me to weigh too. I was VERY apprehensive but stepped on the scale and wanted to die!!! He asked me if it was as much as Uncle Scott and I told him yes as it may as well be. So I told Scott and needless to say, the diet starts today. (that rhymed!) I downloaded this cool application on my iphone to help me out. It's called lose it! and you start by typing in your age, height, sex, and current weight. Then you type in your goal weight and it asks you if you want to lose 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, or 2 pounds a week. I immediately clicked on 2 but saw that I could only eat 800 calories a day so bumped it up to 1. It told me when I should reach my goal weight which seems pretty decent. Although 1 pound a week seems a touch depressing. Surly I'll lose more than that a week. Lose it! makes you record your daily calories so today I've had 100 so far with my pecan spinwheel for breakfast. Some foods are brand named so you can just type, Campbell's tomato and it's already in there. Or Subway turkey on wheat. Otherwise, you have to manually type, pecan spinwheel, 100 calories. AND, it'll keep track of your foods so if I eat another pecan spinwheel for breakfast tomorrow it'll remember it and I won't have to manually type again. So fun! I'm looking forward to this. 
I guess I should get dressed so I can go eat. Grammy's never been to Panera so I think we're going to go there. Panera is pretty healthy so I think I won't have a problem. I'll just have to choose a low cal soup option or something. Have a good Monday!

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