Friday, March 27, 2009


Today started out like one of those days where you're already ready for it to be over but ended nicely once the weather turned perfect and beautiful. I'll start at the top. I have a marital pet-peeve of my husband. He has to be at work at 7:30 and his commute is 30 minutes so you do the math. It takes Scott about 15-20 minutes to get completely dressed and out the door. However, Scott sets his alarm at 5:45 because he hits the snooze button so many times. THIS DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!! I'm the type of person where the first beep that my alarm makes I hear it and pop out of bed. It takes Scott FOREVER to notice that his alarm is going off. I'm laying in bed sleepily screaming in my mind. I have to shake him to get him to turn it off and he still takes forever trying to find the snooze button. He basically hits the snooze for an hour and for this whole hour, I'm lying awake completely annoyed. I have tried to talk him into just setting it for 20 minutes early instead of an hour and 20 minutes but he swears he won't wake up. I told him no worries I'm completely awake and I promise I'll make sure he's up in time but he's not budging. Last night, I convinced him to set his alarm for 6. It's a work in progress but I for sure can't live the rest of my life like that so he's going to have to work on it. I'm thinking that when we're both in Fayetteville, what I'm gonna have to do is set my alarm for his time and just wake him up myself. We'll see...
So I wanted to get out of the door early because I was driving to Little Rock to see Landon and I was going to meet my Grammy for lunch. I was out the door by 9 and had to run by Macy's to pay on my mom's bill. I get to Macy's and they don't open until 10!! They let me in at 9:52 but I still had to wait. As I was waiting, I get to hear their whole staff do their morning prep cheer. It's the same they do in Remember the Titans....we are the titans (repeat) the mighty mighty titans (repeat) you know what I'm talking about....Except with their own special Macy's words. Some guy was giving a serious pep-talk and every staff member there was completely enthusiastic. I couldn't hear everything the guy was saying but he definitely mentioned Home Depot which was incredibly odd to me as I'm pretty sure Macy's and Home Depot don't have to compete with each other's customers as their stores are NOTHING alike. The whol ordeal was just about as odd as Walmarts give me a W...give me a squiggle....
They didn't open the registers until 10:10 which I found frustrating. So anyways....I hop on the road finally and I'm good to go after that. I get to Little Rock and Landon Luttrell is here and is taller than he was at the wedding. And asks more questions than ever. He and Holly wanted to play outside and my mom and her neighbor, Gayle, have beautiful tulips growing in their front yard so I decided to take some pictures so everyone could enjoy them.
Okay...Landon just said 'I need to get a massage because my feet are wiggin out' ???????????? Where did that come from? Back on track...
Here's some pics of the beautiful tulips. Which are my favorite flower by the way. Enjoy!
And I thought I'd throw out a picture I just took of Landon massaging his 'wigged out' feet.

Ummm....okay another Landon funny. 'I want Holly to take a bath with me. It would be so cute.'

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