Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doc, Mayor's, and Appetizers

Yesterday was a nice lazy day. I am, however, getting a little tired of these lazy days and ready to get back to work. I did my usual, woke up with Scott and made him lunch and breakfast then went back upstairs to his room to sleep another hour or so. When I got up to get showered and dressed I heard Doc downstairs crying. So I looked down the stairs and he was standing there looking at me with his cone on his head! He was scared to attempt the stairs to come up to my room and I was told later that he attempted right away but crashed it into the stairs and was scared to try again after that. So I told Doc that I was gonna go grab some Subway and when I got back I'd take the cone off. I felt bad for him and I didn't want to put it back on so I just stayed at home all day and he was a very good boy. He never licked his stitches and just laid all day and stayed off his foot. I'm leaving tomorrow to head back home and I sure am gonna miss Doc! We've become buds.
So I think Scott feels sorry for me because I've been here in Memphis for a couple of weeks and it sure can get boring. I mean, there's only so many times you can go shopping and run errands so I've kinda had no choice but to sit at home all day since I've already done everything you can do here. So he's sweet and likes to go out to eat at night so I can get out of the house for once. So last night, we went to our favorite, Spindini. We decided to hit up their happy hour because their appetizers are half off until 7 and we thought we'd just let a few appetizers be our meal. It was nice and actually the idiot mayor of Memphis sat next to us. I say he's an idiot because he's been the mayor here for...I think 14 years and you can see how great of a job he's done. His last election, about 2 years ago when I first moved here, people tried really hard to not let him get elected. They had this great woman running and everyone was strategically working to see how we could get this man out and this woman in. So in knowing this, it made the mayor mad and he decided to make his campaign joke.....'shake da hata's off.' Shake Da Hata's Off!!! Can you believe that? He, of course, got reelected by the intelligent citizens of Memphis, Tennessee. It's so funny because I've seen him twice now at restaurants and you can tell everyone in the restaurant is totally disgusted by him and has no interest in even looking his way. A few years ago, he got caught in a cocaine and prostitute scandal...on video tape!! And he's still the mayor....
This city could actually be a really awesome city if it got cleaned up a bit. Maybe one day someone great will swoop in and make it happen.
So finally, while Scott were having our meal, at 6, this couple was sitting across from us and the man was having a filet. So I said to Scott, 'that man's filet looks sooooo good. I think it's too early to be having a filet though. I feel like you shouldn't eat one before 8.' And Scott, in all seriousness asked 'because steak rhymes with eight sort of?' Hahaha. It was really funny to me and I'm actually not sure why I made the comment I did. It just seemed too early to be enjoying that nice of a meal I guess....but I know that's really stupid of me. And Scott is so cute and was being dead serious with his question and had such confusion written on his face by my comment and I thought I'd share. Have a nice one!

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