Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well I had quite the day yesterday. It started out like normal. I did my usual Memphis routine, which includes taking Scott's roomate's dog, Doc, for a run down Mud Island. Doc is a black lab and he's precious! He loves to go for walks/runs and it's a great way for me to get some exercise so I always take him and we stay out for about an hour/hour and a half. Well, we had been out running for about 45 minutes when all of a sudden, I see bloody paw prints in the grass. Doc wasn't acting any differently but the blood stains were pretty big so I made him stop and sit. I pointed out to Doc that his foot was bleeding and he laid down on the grass and kept licking his wound. We laid there about 3 minutes and I was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh I'm going to have to pick Doc up and carry him all the way back to the house' which was probably about 2 miles away. I attempted for a second and was thinking to myself, there's no way. So Doc sat up for a minute and I asked him if he thought he could walk. Well, he could and he did but the blood was still coming from his foot. So I made him run with me all the way back to the house because I knew he for sure needed to go to the doctor.
I called Scott and told him to call his co-worker/roomate and tell him that Doc cut his foot and definitely needed to go to the vet, find out where he goes so I can take him. So while he was trying to call, I made Doc sit outside because bloody footprints were getting all over the hardwood in the house. Scott told me where he went and I called the vet to let them know I was coming.
So I put some towels down in my car and Doc hopped in and off we went. We got to the vet and he was tracking blood all over the place. The vet, who was for sure my age or maybe a year older btw, looked at Doc and said his cut was pretty deep and he would definitely need stitches but he would have to sedate him to do it. Poor Doc! I was like yeah okay do whatever you need to. I talked to the roomate to make sure it was okay and off went Doc for surgery. :(
The vet said Doc probably got cut by glass because it was a clean sharp wound. He got cut on his back foot on the part that would be like a humans heel. Which the vet said was odd and a freak accident. Of course...while I'm watching him a freak accident happens.
So Doc, unwillingly (he was stuck to my side and wouldn't budge) went off for his stitches and when he got home, he was so funny because he was really 'drunk' still and he was so calm and chill. Polar opposite of his usually hyper, peppy self. He'll be okay and his stitches can come out on Friday.
So that was my crazy day. I felt horrible that this happened to a dog that didn't belong to me while I was supposed to be taking care of him. I feel so bad for him but he's definitely going to be okay. I saw him earlier this morning and I think the sedation was still affecting him because he was super chill still. So I'm sad that I don't have my running buddy anymore but I'm glad he's going to be okay and we can just hang out and veg for the rest of the week. Here's Doc with his cast. Notice the cone in the background he'll have to wear if he starts licking it. HAHA.

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