Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Is anyone else totally over facebook? I hate it now. It just gets worse and worse. Remember the good ol' days when your profile page actually showed when people stalked you? Or when you weren't bombarded with all these stupid event invitations. I liked it so much better when it was like it was way back in the day. When all you could do was poke someone. The mini feed sucks now. The layout sucks. It all sucks. Now, all I do is log on facebook, see if I have a friend request or message, and log right off. What is with this Mark character? I mean, I get that he wants to make more money and that's fine....open it up to the whole world to have a facebook account whatever. But why do you have to change the layout? It was PERFECT the way it was before...like 2 years ago. Then we get the mini feed and it's creepy but I started to like it because I could see when someone posted new pics or something. Now, all I see on the mini feed is so and so going to the gym or so and so watching Idol. You know what? I don't really care about that. I care about your pictures and your relationship status but that's kinda all. Why would they make the mini feed only people's status's now? SNORE FEST. That's boring. I think everyone should send him a letter saying they're going to deactivate their account unless he changes it back to 2006 style. And really deactivate until he does it. OR...if that didn't work then we should get to vote on all these changes. As one of his eldest facebook members....from back in 2004, I think he's just redic. It wasn't broke. Why is he fixing it?
You know what else annoys me? When I get a friend request and I'm like.....who the hell are you? Why are you gonna send me a friend request if I don't know you? I'm not the type to be friends with people on facebook so I can look like I have a lot of friends. I don't like the clutter of people's status's if I don't know them. I have one dude just chillin out on my friend requests because I don't know him but I feel bad being like...DECLINE. It happens all the time. Little girls from El Do who were probably in kindergarten when I was a senior send me friend requests. Why would they do that? So odd...
Anyways....yeah I'm over facebook. It's stale burnt toast. I don't want to read what other people's friends wrote on their wall. I liked reading your funny quotes...that was good. I don't care if John Doe had fun with you the other night. Or if Suzy Q thinks you guys should go shopping later. And since the wall is the main page now, nobody cares what their profile says. I don't. I never update it and that always used to be fun to me. Now all I have is china patterns....
So sad now....facebook sucks.

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