Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iOne and Memphis

Long time no blog! I've been a very busy girl. I worked for my parents all last week. It's exhausting work!!! I was at their office until 11:30 one night but it's worth it because they pay good!! On Friday, I hopped in the car and headed to Memphis to go see my precious husband! We had a great weekend. He had dinner ready and waiting for me on Friday night. We woke up early on Saturday and decided to take a walk/run around mud island. On Saturday night we decided to go on a date to the Majestic. We went to bed early and slept in on Sunday. (Oops.) We decided to go for a walk/run again on Sunday and we ran past Justin Timberlake's mom! Scott's like, how do you know celebrities mom's? Duh! US Weekly. She has a house on the same street that Scott lives on and I always drive by slowly to see if JT is in there. (stalker) That's what people in Memphis call him. JT. I know other people around the world do that too but if you live in Memphis it's only appropriate to call him JT. Yesterday, my brother drove up to Memphis for some business and we decided to go eat at Spindini. Yum-O! Before we headed out to din, Jake and Kelly stopped by Scott's to visit for a bit. I hadn't seen Jake since the wedding so of course our conversation was filled with wedding talk. Jake made me laugh really hard when he told me his dad asked him if it was a requirement for my bridesmaids to be a size 2 for the wedding. And Kelly tickled me when she was explaining Jake's 'state of mind' that night in detail. It was really funny to hear his stories but my favorite was when she told me that although Jake wasn't fully 'there' he still managed to charge up his cell phone before he went to bed/passed out. Haha. That is really really funny to me. It could have been the way Kelly told it. I dunno...
After Kyle, Scott, and I ate dinner, Kyle convinced us to go to Tunica for some blackjack. I ALWAYS lose. I get a 20, the dealer gets a 21. I get a 19, they get a 20. So not fair. Kyle says I'm bad luck and won't even let me play at the same table as him. Scott and I ended up breaking even so we felt pretty good about it. Kyle, of course, came out a winner by a couple hundred. He's a rockstar at blackjack.
Today, I had to leave Memphis and head to Little Rock to work for my parents for the rest of the week. Scott's coming to Little Rock this weekend and then we'll head back up to Memphis and I'm staying there for the rest of the month! I took all of March off from work. When I get back to NWA, I'm actually going to be starting a new job. The salon is owned by the same lady that owns my salon now but this one is in Rogers. Since Scott and I are going to be living in Rogers eventually, I thought I'd go on ahead and see if I could get a job up there because I felt that it would be a little more permanent. My boss is great and had no problem with me moving salons. I'm really excited about working there and can't wait to start!
I guess I should get ready for bed now. Long day at Image One tomorrow I'm sure.

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