Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Response to Poll Voters

Now that the poll voting has closed, I wanted to take the opportunity to write in detail about why I feel the president is wrong by drinking a beer at a basketball game. To everyone who voted that it was not appropriate for our current President to have a beer on the sidelines of a basketball game, I commend you. You believe, as I do, that our president is no ordinary man but a man that we entrust our lives to daily, therefore, holding him to an extremely high standard and setting an example for our country. You are the Americans who will try their hardest to keep our country a great and strong nation for generations to follow and won’t allow it to fall into the hands of extreme corruptness and political correctness. Thank you.
One of the things that has set America apart from other countries has been our high moral values, but sadly I think that this is something that is leaving American culture and I think this poll proves that. Look at Europe for example. It is now acceptable to have nudity on primetime television, offer marijuana on the menu at restaurants, and live solely off of the government. Sadly, I fear that this is the direction that America is heading. What has happened? America used to be a place that people all over the world respected and wanted to be a part of. America was a place where honest, hardworking people could make their dreams a reality, but no longer if we keep heading our current direction. Our forefathers founded this nation upon values and principles. They looked to the Bible for direction on how this country should be governed. Slowly our country is losing its set of values. People can get away with anything. Sure the news causes uproar with Britney Spears new song, has something to say about All My Children’s lesbian wedding, and finds Chris Browns’ violent behavior appalling. But what happens? I just heard If You Seek Amy on the radio, All My Children aired their lesbian wedding and people watched, and I’m sure Chris Brown will do some type of anger management class and everyone will continue to buy his music. Where does it stop? When will it go too far? If we don’t have a leader setting a standard for others to follow, how much further in the hole will this country continue to go? What will it be like for my kids and grandkids?
I think everyone can agree that the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. Don’t you think that a man of this distinction should set the standard for others to follow? I do. The issue at hand is not that Barack Obama was having a beer, but where he was having it. I doubt he is the first President to like beer, but I do think he is the first to have public pictures of him enjoying one. I googled it. Not one sitting president, that I found, has been snapped drinking a beer. I don’t mind that Obama likes beer, but do think that it is something that should be done out of the public eye. It’s. Just. Not. Presidential. Put him in a tux at a white house dinner, holding a glass of champagne, and I’m fine with that. That’s classier than a beer at a basketball game. Was he purposely drinking a beer so that America can see him as a normal guy? Well he’s not a normal guy. He’s president of the United States of America. Only 44 men have held that title and they’ve held it to a high esteem. President Reagan refused to enter the oval office unless he was in a full suit and tie because he felt the oval office too important and the job of president too extraordinary to be taken lightly. By wearing a suit, he felt that he was respecting his predecessors and his country. When I saw the picture of my president drinking a beer at a basketball game I became very disappointed. This isn’t a republican or a democratic issue for me. I expect many things from my president and class is one of them. He’s different. He’s special. He’s important and he’s historical. He’s not me. He’s not you. Whether he likes it or not, he’s not a common man. He’s the President of the United States of America and that automatically set’s him to have a higher standard. Would you be okay seeing your pastor at a basketball game drinking a beer? If no, why not? Because you hold him to a higher standard. It just comes with the job. Fair or not. People expect more out of people like that. At least I do.
I feel like Barack Obama is trying to change the whole dynamic of the presidency. There are just some things that shouldn’t change. Culture and time may change things, but the persona of the President of the United States of America should never be tampered with. It’s in a class of its own and it should most certainly stay that way until the end of time.
Like I’ve said many times before, I don’t want people to think I’m making this a beer thing. If I saw him smoking his cigarettes in public I’d cause uproar of that too. Or if I saw him on the beach in a swimsuit, I’d find that inappropriate as well. (Seen both already but they were before his presidency so I won’t make an issue of that) I don’t know if what I’m saying will make sense to anyone or change anybody’s opinion but if I can make at least one of you who feels like he’s doing nothing wrong, see what I’m seeing, then my mission in writing this is accomplished.
My wish is simple. You’re my president, act like a president.

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