Monday, March 16, 2009


I am really slacking on my blogging huh? Again, very busy week. This week was the high school state basketball tournament and since my parents have a contract with the AAA, that means we attended every single game. I may have said it before but I really enjoy working at the tournaments. However, I could never have a job where I had to wait on people all the time. RUDE RUDE RUDE and STUPID STUPID STUPID. Why are you gonna ask me if the t-shirt is mens or womens? It's a freaking t-shirt. Why are you making it complicated? And, how do you not know what size t-shirt you wear? Why are you asking me what size I think you need when you're doing this while wearing a t-shirt. Stupid. And, these high school girls are all worried about what size the tag says. You can't wear a youth large. You need a medium. Don't worry about the 103 pound flyer. You're the base on the squad for a reason. Get a medium. I can't decide which things makes me more annoyed. All of those or when someone asks me how much the t-shirts are and I say fifteen. "Fifteen dollas!!!!?????" No. Fifteen lemons. How much do you want them to cost? 5 dollars? Nope. Sorry. I also hate when people ask for a large, hold it up to them, and stretch the shirt tightly across their body and are like, I think I need an XL. T-shirts aren't spandex, it's not going to really fit you like that. I appreciate nothing more than when someone walks up, asks for their size, gives me their money, and leaves. SMART. These high school kids are going to be in for a real surprise when they go to college and have to order their function t-shirt off a piece of paper. They're not going to be able to hold up every single size to their bodies and then decide. And they'll quickly learn that it's not cool to have a muffin top popping out of their too tight t-shirt and realize maybe a medium, the size they need, is actually more comfortable than a youth large. I mean, these girls... I can tell if they have an innie or an outie. Don't do that. It's not cool. Not even a little bit. And it most certaintly doesn't make you look any skinnier.
And boys aren't any better. These high school kids all like small clothes. I shake my head in amazement when a 6 foot 150 pound kid walks up and wants a medium. need a large. When I went to high school, if you raised your arms and your tummy showed, you went home to change clothes. Is it not like that anymore because if it is then the boys are being sent home these days too....
Enough on that I guess.
I had to go to El Dorado today to proof check my wedding photo album. It looked great! I can't wait to get it in! I'll post some of the pictures as soon as I get them on a disc.
Tomorrow I'm headed up to Memphis and I'll be there the rest of the month. Well...not the end of the month because Landon Luttrell is coming to town! Scott and I will head to LR that last weekend to spend some time with him but other than that I'll be in Memphis! This week is Jake's spring break so I hope he'll come up some and hang out. I won't be holding my breath however as he is quick to disappoint. I don't mind saying that out loud because I tell him all the time he is my most shady friend. (Sorry you anyways)
Speaking of Jake....did anyone read his blog? I'm sure you did as all of you who read are friends with him as well. He did one of the greatest things that America allows and posted his opinion on my previous post. I feel, however, that he was slightly confused about some of my arguments and I just wanted to clarify some things in case you all are thinking the way he is. After this I'm done and dropping it.
First of all, I feel he was missing the point on many things. I never made an issue of a swimsuit or a coat and tie. I don't care if Obama wears gym shorts in the oval office. I only made mention of Reagan refusing to wear only a suit because it was helping argue my point -- that he felt the presidency so relevant he believed wearing a suit was only appropriate. I understand Obama can't help if the paps catch him on the beach topless. That, like I said, was before his presidency...I made no argument of that. I'll leave the rest of what he said alone and let him have his opinion.
Last but not least, I want you all to know that I base my opinions on careful thought and reasoning. I don't get my political knowledge from The View, Perez Hilton, talk at the dinner table or People magazine. I watch the news for 2 hours a night so I can keep myself updated and educated on what happens in this country. I love politics, I love a debate and I'm more than willing to listen to anybody's opinion. Just know that mine is always right. :) Haha. JK......sort of.

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