Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yummy Breakfast

Good Morning! Or it is for me right now anyway. I got up with my husband at 5:45 to make him a yummy breakfast! English muffin with egg and cheese, grapes, cinnamon donuts (mini) and chocolate milk. Aren't I a good wife! I packed it up in a little sack for him and he's off on his way! I feel like they should make regular milk in little mini packs like they do chocolate milk but they don't for some reason. Not that I would buy them for myself because I can only drink milk if it's hot with chocolate or in cereal. But Scott likes milk so it would be nice if they would make normal milk in little packs. They do make orange juice in mini packs which is awesome for me but Scott's allergic to orange so that wouldn't work out so well....
Well now that you all are wondering what the heck that was about I'll move on.
Last night Scott and I didn't do much. We watched Idol and grilled. Still crushin on Kris Allen! Nothing makes me happier than when Simon compliments him! He did so great (duh) and I feel he's safe for a while. Scott and I were extra sleepy so we hopped in bed by 9:15 and passed out by 10. We had plans of going out last night for St. Patricks Day with some Memphis friends but decided we were tired and would just rather stay in. I don't think we have any plans for tonight. We'll probably grill again and watch Idol again. I love when it's warm outside and we (Scott) can grill. He's such a good cooker on the grill!! He never disappoints.
I think I'm going to go shopping today. I have to wear all black at my new job and I don't have enough black stuff to wear. Boy wouldn't Jen Aniston be all set and ready to go if she had to wear all black to work. I never see her in any other color. Speaking of celebrities, I love Jessica Simpson but she's starting to lose some cool points with me. She lost LOTS of cool points when she left precious Nick Lachey thinking she could do better. Boy what a huge mistake that was. Her life has just been a mess since she did that. My reason in saying this is she forgot the words to her own songs at her last concert this past weekend. Get it together Jess. So redic.
Okay well, Scott's breakfast looked so good to me I think I'm gonna go make one for myself. Have a great day!

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