Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Mine was lovely. Scott got in around dinner time on Friday and we had a nice meal and chilled around the house. We drove to see Rose and she's such a cutie pie! We're definitely going to have fun with her!!
On Saturday I went off to work. I was so busy and didn't get to eat lunch until 2. Waaaaayyy past my normal 11:30. I was starved. Scott and I were gonna go have a din at Bordinos but we decided off the wim to go to Penguin Eds instead. I LOVE their salads!! Yumm. I could use one right now. We went to Blockbuster after dinner and I was very close to renting Twilight but Scott convinced me on how dumb that would be seeing as I'm about 10 chapters away from finished the book so we left the store with no movie in our hands.
Sunday Scott and I woke up bright and early to go to the 9:00 Easter service. We decided to other services would be really packed. Randy came with us and afterwords, we went to Randy's house/mine now too and I cooked a lovely Easter lunch. My family usually does a Thanksgiving meal for Easter too and I did a half version. Honey Baked Ham, hashbrown casserole, this amazing creamy corn I make and a salad. It was delish. Want the creamy corn recipe? It's so easy.
3 cans of white shoepeg corn drained
1 stick of butter
1 block of cream cheese.
Mix together, melt in microwave, add jalapenos for some extra yummy flav! Mmmm!!!

Sunday night Scott and I chilled and today we've been trying to figure out my taxes. My crazy ass boss from Memphis won't send me my 1099 or anyone else I worked with for that matter so it's gotten ALL OF US in a pickle. Scott is stressed. We finally just had to file an extension until the IRS gets a hold of her stupid illegal crazy mental self.
Now I'm about to go to Wal Mart and get some stuff for din then head over to Jaclyns to cook dinner. Brad is away...Scott's on the road to's just us girls tonight. Have a lovely one!

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