Monday, April 20, 2009


Well yesterday was one of the worst day's I've had since I've been alive. Mom called me around 2:30 informing me that Holly had been sick all weekend but it was getting much worse. She was crying and told me I might want to think about driving down because she wasn't sure Holly was going to make it much longer. So I threw a bunch of stuff in a bag and hopped in my car and zoomed to Little Rock sobbing the entire 3 hours in the quiet...not even wanting to listen to the radio. I pulled into my parents driveway and walked in the door. Mom and Dad were both sitting on the floor beside the couch just looking at Holly. Normally, when I walk in the door, Holly comes running with her whole butt wagging. She just lifted her head up at me and Mom picked her up and handed her to me. I started sobbing even harder because she looked so pitiful. Mom and Dad were excited though because for the first time all weekend, Holly actually sat up and walked to sit beside me on the couch. Mom told me that Holly wouldn't drink any water all day and hadn't eaten either. She just looked terrible. After I had been there about 2 hours Holly seemed to be feeling better and even walked around the house for a minute...very slowly. Mom thinks that my coming home put some life back into her. I'm gonna go with that myself :)
I could not go to sleep at all last night. I just watched Holly to make sure she was still breathing. At 4:00, Holly scratched me to tell me she wanted off the bed. I put her down and she went to her puppy pad and pottied and then she walked to her water bowl and lapped up her water for a good minute! This morning, she has much more life in her and she even ate a little bit of food. Ahhh....sigh of relief. A little...
Mom and I are about to take Holly to the vet. Holly shakes every now and then and we googled it and it means she might be in pain. We're worried it's cancer again....all over this time. Of course we think the worst. Anyways, I pray maybe she just had the flu or something. 
So yeah, I thought yesterday that I was going to have to take my dog to the vet today and put her down. Since she's perky right now, I don't think that anymore...but I'm still worried just a touch. I know she's old.....but I think she should still be around a couple more years :) Keep Holly in mind today and say a quick prayer. I'll keep everyone updated when I get back from the vet. 

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