Monday, April 20, 2009

Holly Part 2

Well, my baby girl is gonna be okay! She thinks her life is so great she's not ready to give it up any time soon. Holly has a bladder infection - again. I don't know if you all remember but she had one back in October. This time though, the doctor said it's very very bad and it's causing her a lot of pain. That's why she was throwing up all weekend and why she didn't move at all yesterday...because she was nauseous. He said that a bladder infection this severe is very uncommon. She gets that from her Kara. I always have the weird uncommon thing that the doctors have to go back in their office to google to figure out what it is. The inside lining of Holly's bladder wall is bleeding which is causing her infection. He gave Holly some doggie xanax for her pain and something else for her bladder infection. The same thing we gave her back in October. AND, since Holly seems to be really prone to bladder infections these days, we're just going to give her a pill, every day, for the rest of her life. He thinks that should do the trick. Apparently dogs don't get immune to medicine like humans so it should never stop working for her. He also gave Holly 3 shots which should start working about right now. Poor thing, the third one made her bleed. Of course she was still and didn't even yelp when she got the shots like the perfect dog that she is....
Poor Holly. Of course my mom feels guilty but the doctor told her there's no way she could have known....just like last time. He could tell that Mom and I were freaking out that Holly's almost used up all her days and he assured us she's good and healthy. She's just a woman with a bad bladder. I told Holly is really sucks to be a woman sometimes. You men just have no idea....
So YAY! I really think that yesterday I took a good couple of months off my life because I was so stressed out. I slept for about 2 hours last night and when I woke up this morning my eyes were all crusted together because of the tears drying. Even Scott took off from work today and drove down to LR last night for Holly. He told his co-workers that they have no idea....Holly is our child and it was very important for him to be here for me for when I got back from the vet....just in case. 
I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Praise the Lord!!!

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