Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Posts in 1 Day

Okay so it's been a while since I've blogged and anything to do with Holly deserves it's own special post so I thought I'd catch you all up on the other stuff in my life. 
1.) I finished Twilight and watched the movie yesterday. I thought the end of the book was a page turner. I still feel it's totally overrated and hope the next 3 focus more on the vampire family because that's very entertaining to me. Not Edward's eyes and hair and sparkly skin. Everyone is like 'I love Edward!!!' I'm like, 'really? Edward sucks compared to Scott. Scott's way better....'Everybody who reads the book hates the movie. I thought the movie was EXACTLY like the book. I'm gonna read the others while I have breaks at work but it's not interesting enough to me to want to read them in bed at home. I'd much rather watch Kardashians. 
2.) WORK IS SO BUSY. Great great! and really exhausting. I had 5 womens HC's and a highlight on Saturday. That took up my whole day except for my hour lunch break. One 14 year old with hair as thick as a couch cushion came to see me and left crying. OMG that stressed me out so bad. I couldn't figure out what I had done. I warned the receptionist and asked her to say something to the mother about what the problem was. Apparently I needed to flat iron her hair. What??!!! WHAT??!!! She nearly made me pass out because I was so concerned. Never cutting her hair again...don't need that drama.
3.) People ask me all the time. Married life is great! Except for the distance thing of course. we aren't having babies any time soon. Give me a good 5-6 years please. Unless something tragic were to happen and my young, fun life was cut short by a baby in which I would be so mad at Scott and blame it all on him. But I'm sure I'd get over it real quick seeing as how every time I see a little girl I say 'awwwww' and tell Scott 'I can't wait until it's time for one of those!'
4.) I have a new obsession. French Vanilla Cappuccino. They have a cappuccino machine at Fellowship and Braclyn and Scott and I always have one and enjoy it during the church service. Scott told me he knows it's 20% of the motivation to get me out of bed on Sundays. I seriously do look forward to it every Sunday I'm not gonna lie. WELL, I've discovered the same machine at the nice Pinnacle Station in Rogers and I stop by it every morning and have it for breakfast. Yum!
5.) Still going strong on my iphone diet. I've lost 4 pounds! I'm really loving my bod in the mirror right now I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna keep on with the diet though to see if I can lose a little bit more. Just for kicks. I never think one can be too skinny as long as you do it healthy of course. That's very important :) Right now, my celeb body inspiration is Jullianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars. OMG. Rocking, tight bod. I'm jealous and will try and look like that by May.....well my birthday lets say....May 25. That's the goal. 
6.) I'm getting tired of people saying 'YOU'RE on a diet??' Yes, yes that's right. I've always been told, gain 5 pounds, get it off right away. Do you want me to weigh 200 pounds before I decide it's time to start eating healthy? NO! Geez. 
7.) I'm a really happy person! I hope that comes off but just wanted to make sure you all knew that I think my life is awesome! Especially since my precious puppy is going to stay around longer that I was thinking just a few hours ago.
8.) I'm tweeting now! I set up a twitter account today and I'm gonna have to ask Jake how to put my twitter updates right here on my blog. Everyone is on twitter. Even Dad which I don't long as he keeps away from facebook. 
9.) I've got some videos of Holly and Rose that I'll post tomorrow. All are cute so you should get excited!
10.) Scott and I are headed to Toys R Us now to bday shop for Landon. I want to get him roller skates. How fun will that be! He'll definitely need a helmet and some knee and elbow pads along with them as he's crazy and will go flying down the street without a fearful bone in his tiny little body. PEACE OUT!

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